Hitachi B13F 10-Inch Benchtop Drill Press Review

hitachi-b13fThe Hitachi B13F 10-Inch Benchtop Drill Press is a 1/3 horse powered machine that offers 5 different speeds for versatility with a very easy speed changing system through its V-belt and pulleys. And its main feature, its laser system that insures maximum precision and accuracy as a result of its X-Y axis fully adjustable laser.

As for the manufacturer, Hitachi Koki USA, Limited, that is specialized in professional power tools that can be used in a lot of applications, whether it’s drilling, simple cutting, metal or the usual woodwork. It is simply the leader in this area with its innovation and coping with the recent technology.

Price and main features list

This amazing Hitachi B13F will only cost you 189.00$, which is nothing compared to its features, especially the laser system; this piece of machinery is very cost effective.

  • 10 inch bench top drill press.
  • Powered by a 1/3 horsepower motor.
  • 5 different drilling speeds (680, 1160, 1780, 2380, 3000) RPM.
  • Easy change in speeds by the V-belt and pulleys.
  • ½ inch in cast iron drilling capacity.
  • Spindle taper (JT33).
  • 1/16 to ½ in chuck size.
  • Squared table (7.5 X 7.5) inches.
  • Tilt able working surface (45 degree) left and right.
  • Laser assembly to increase accuracy. (X-Y Axis)
  • Battery-powered Laser system.
  • Batteries are included with the package.
  • A smart long lasting design.
  • Package includes Hex wrench, laser batteries, chuck key and the B13F Drill Press.
  • Easy adjustable Laser system knobs.
  • Weighs 67.8 pounds.

Who is it for?

The Hitachi B13F 10-Inch Benchtop Drill Press is for those who need a very accurate drill with the best price, and most of all, to people who need a drill that can work on different materials while being the best cost-effective laser-equipped drill press.

Pros and cons

Its Laser system has to be its most noticeable advantage, with its X-Y axis which is very easily adjustable, makes accuracy a guaranteed issue. Alongside its 1/3 horsepower induction motor and 5 different speeds which enables operators to work on different materials and appliances such as metal, plastic or wood.

Easy to lock depth stops to insure precise drilling, it is located at the bottom by the feed handle, so you can easily adjust the wanted depth without a lot of effort or the usage of other tools.

Hitachi B13F has two downsides, which got nothing to do with its performance though, but shipping issues, as it can’t be gift wrapped as it can’t be concealed because it comes in its own packaging which was a problem I faced, and it is only shipped to the United States and to APO/FPO addresses only.

Why you should buy it?

The Hitachi B13F 10-Inch Benchtop Drill Press is equipped with a laser guidance system with x-y axis which insures precision, and its 5 different speeds make it very convenient to work on any material, wood, metal or simple cutting- Which makes it the most accurate and convenient drill with the best price.


Of course yes, Hitachi B13F 10-Inch Benchtop Drill Press displays great sense of efficiency with its laser system, and its price is very budget-friendly while having accuracy as its main feature, it’s really not a debatable matter whether to buy or not.