Handy Usages of Magnetic Drill Press

drill-press-examplesIf you want a drill machine that can make your job easier as well as providing great flexibility when doing your job, you may want to consider buying magnetic drill press. This drill machine is considered as one handy portable drill press that provides easiness as wells functionality, allowing you to do things that can’t be done with simple hand drill or benchtop press.

About the Machine

The special thing about magnetic drill press is the fact that it is designed as a power tool for drilling structural steel within the shop or doing outdoor job site. The machine is combining the flexibility of a sturdy and solid drill press with the special base of electromagnetic that can be used to stick up metal surfaces. Another great perks of such drill is the fact that it can be used vertically, horizontally, or even turned upside down.

Main Functionality

The magnetic drill generally uses twist drills, reamers, annular cutters, taps, and counter sinks. This machine can be used to drill holes to 130mm diameter for steel. The machine consists of a drill stand, a chuck or arbor, a motor, and also a magnetic base. It is also known as core drill or mag drill. The main functionality is to drill many holes in an already structured steel, like the i-beams.

Different Types of Magnetic Drill Press

The magnetic drill comes in different types and variants, such as:

Electric. It is the most common drill in the business, especially in industry and construction. The great thing about electric drill is the power and dependability. The most benefits you can enjoy from the machine is the compact size, the lightweight feature, the optional feature for reversible motors, and the fact that it comes in different sizes.

Pneumatic. The source of power for this machine is the compressed air, and it is mostly used in wet and dangerous settings. You can use this type of drill in flammable setting – just be sure to check on the ATEX certification. When you use this drill, you can also reduce the possibility of shock in wet surroundings.

Hydraulic. When you have to use a special machine for drilling, construction, industrial, or marine implementation, this is the safest machine to use. It has closed loop on the power system, so the water won’t come in and damage the motor.

Always pay attention to the proper usage and safety procedures before using this machine. The magnetic drill press may be safe, but you can’t take risks for that.