Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67650

Hamilton-Beach-67650The best way of getting the most nutrients from fruits and vegetables is to take them raw. Taking them in pieces is good but it’s a lot better if they are turned into a refreshing smoothie you can drink; and one of the most common ways of preparing them as drinks is by using a juice extractor. However, many people are still quite apprehensive when buying such kitchen countertop as juice extractor tends to be expensive. Fortunately, Hamilton Beach came up of their newest innovative breakthrough which is the juice extractor 67650. With the Hamilton Beach juice extractor 67650, you can already take home your own juice extractor at a very affordable prize with one year limited warranty.

Hamilton Beach juice extractor 67650 works efficiently and very powerful with its 800 watt motor which quickly extracts juices from any kinds of fruits or vegetables. It measures 9.3x12x16 inches and weighs about 8.8 pounds together with its 3-inch wide food chute. With that, you can now say goodbye to slicing, chopping or dicing for you can actually put the fruits in wholes and let the juice extractor do the rest of the job.

The color of the juice extractor is mostly black with silver trim accents. The base front of the motor contains a toggle switch with two metal die-cast locking latches. On the left side found a transparent pulp container while on the opposite side found a 20 ounce cup which catches the juice. The pulp container can carry quite a large amount of pulp so you really don’t have to empty the container from time to time. Its juice cup can only carry 20 ounces of juice so it is advisable to prepare an extra cup to catch up the juice. You can also find a stainless steel strainer basket located inside the juicer. The juicer also comes with a plastic cylindrical pusher to push the food down to the 3.3 inch food chute. The die-cast metal latches are also included providing a secure hold with the lid.

The Hamilton Beach juice extractor is just very easy to use. Just assemble the main components, ensure the locking latches, plug in and you can now start juicing those fruits and vegetables. When you put the whole fruit or vegetables, you should make use of the plastic pusher to gently push down the food through the chute.

As you may already know, dealing with any kind of mess especially in the kitchen can be such a pain on the back; but the juice extractor is different. It won’t really take you more than five minutes to clean the Juicer. The idea of putting a plastic bag into the pulp container can actually make cleaning a lot easier. Furthermore, all the removable plastic components of the juicer are dishwasher safe. Included in the package is a cleaning brush which you can use for cleaning the stainless strainer basket.

When you buy the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67650, you will not only get the juicer itself but you will also be provided with a cup and cleaning brush as already mentioned above. What is even more surprising is that you will also be provided with some of the recipes you can prepare so you can make the most out of your juice extractor. Just like any other appliances, a complete manual is also provided so you would know how to properly use the machine.

The most notable advantage of the juice extractor is perhaps the fact that it works so quickly and efficiently. It is light weight and easy to disassemble every after use making it very easy to store and clean. Most of all, it’s not sold at incredibly high price but just reasonable enough for its quality. On the other hand, the juice extractor has few minor downfalls. First, many users said that the cup is just too small. Another disadvantage is that the juice extractor does not fully juice the fruits or the vegetables. Nevertheless, the Juice extractor as a whole is highly exceptional when it comes to performance.

It was stated a couple of times that the Juice Extractor is so affordable and yet it is. In fact, you can already have your own for as low as $65. It’s indeed very affordable. You can order the product from Amazon and if you do so, you can enjoy the benefits of Amazon’s free shipping services and excellent return policies. With all of those, you will surely don’t have any hesitations of not buying this very powerful kitchen gadget.