Guidelines For Purchasing An Air Framing Nailer

air-framing-nailerWhen you purchase an air framing nailer you would obviously wish that the tool would last you for many years. It should be capable of doing many jobs without having to be replaced. That is why you should never reach for the cheapest one and assume that there will be no problems. You will be doing well if it does not need to be replaced in under a month. A better option would be to look for branded pneumatic tools and conduct thorough research on them to see what others have to say about their experience.

It is always nice to look at the job that you are going to do and think if you really need one. If you are just building a dog house then this tool is something that will probably not be needed. A pneumatic nailer is actually used for much bigger projects. Circumstances like when there is siding required on your home, you might be adding a new deck to the back of the home or making pallets for shipping heavy items are just a few examples of when the nailer would come in handy.

In case you are not sure what an air framing nailer is, it could be described as a tool wherein there is a source used for pushing the air so that the gun is quicker to use. In order to get the air flowing through the tool it will need to be hooked up to an air compressor. They are meant to be used for hours at a time which means the compressor will need to be big enough to keep up and supply enough air. In order to get the best performance from the nailer the compressor will need to be no smaller than 25 gallons.

Upon looking at the nailer one will notice there is a PSI mentioned on it. This is to let one know how many pounds of pressure per square inch is being applied. There are some with 50 and even 60 PSI but these are definitely not the better versions. When you are looking for a good nailer that will be able to do what is required of it without posing any problems then the PSI should not be lower than 50 and higher than 90. Some will actually come with a feature that will let the PSI be adjusted and this is a plus.

When using a framing nailer there is no need to purchase one that is only going to let you put neither one type of nail in it nor just one size of head. Instead look for a nailer that will enable you use several different types of nails along with one that can handle different sizes of heads. For smooth nails the nailer should be able to handle smooth ones from 2-3 1/2 inches, while if you are working with nails with rings the range should be 2-3 inches.

Look at what kind of warranty is offered. The better tools with top names are sure to be the ones with longer warranties. Also read about what the warranty covers. There is nothing worse than spending big money on a nailer to have it break down especially when it is not covered under the warranty. It will also help if you are able to purchase the extended warranty when checking out at the counter and paying for everything.

When getting ready to purchase one for the first time slow down and think things through. Think about the jobs that needs done and make sure the nailer is the tool that is actually needed. Always check the PSI on the nailer to make sure there are enough pounds per second being produced. Make sure the compressor is big enough to keep up with the air demand. Finally read over any fine print and make sure you understand what is being said.