Grizzly H6070 Belt Disc Sander Review

Grizzly H6070 Belt SanderToday, we continue to provide you the most accordant sander for you blade and knives making. Despite the high powerful motor, belt sander seems not to be stable enough for accurate required factor as making knives or sharpen lathe tools. And disc sander, which has the sturdy build, doesn’t get the necessary strength and speed.

Now with the combined product belt disc sander, Strength and well-built feature match. So making knives has never been easier. And after a solid evaluation to gather information for submitting the Grizzly H6070 belt disc sander review, we highly recommend this unit base on the benefits it brings to users.

The Grizzly H6070 Belt Disc Sander Review:

Provide well-proportioned for knife grinding and small job:

It is clear that the Grizzly H6070 belt disc sander is one of the most valued product available now in the market. And one of the main reasons this belt sander is so popular and has such high demand is that it has the 1/3 HP with 110V motor provides efficient system for working your job, especially suitable for making knives, sanding blades and small objects.

This machine works with single-phase with the speed up to 3450 RPM, which’s very fast and cheap to this price. So the product can work fluently to sharp the objects without obstructing the motor. Despite that, you should make sure you already have skill to sanding with this speed but not ruin the things. If you’re newbie, be sure you work it slowly and very careful especially for small stuff.

Heavy structure

The Grizzly H6070 belt disc sander weight’s about 19.9 pounds, which provides the heavy duty construction to work with but still can moving to anywhere easily when you need change the workplace. Moreover, the holes of the machine corners help this machine don’t vibrate when operator by screwing it stable in the fixed position that help this sander doesn’t vibrate when working, ensure the best result for your plans.

Extremely easy to set up and use:

The Grizzly H6070 offers both belt and disc sanding tables can adjust from 0- 45 degrees easily with the control lever that helps increase the abrasive ability of the product. Because as usually, the sander stays at 90 degrees, that make you hard to sharp the edge of the object. This feature help users virtually sharps the surface easily especially in the stuff that need sharpen exactly like knives, axes or scissors without affecting too much to the blades. You can simply to create your own knives and sanding small hobby tasks.

The belt sander 1 inch by 30-inch remains to sanding small object and avoid the regrettable accident. Because the big belt with unnecessary part work in high speed can cause the accident when you hold the object and accidentally touched it. While the disc sander 5-inch allows you to working with another projects sanding without buy another products

The belt sander table size contains 5-1/8″ x 5-1/8″ that located in fixed position provide you the easy to use. No need to get any jointer or plus planer when working. Furthermore the disc sander table size 4″ x 7-5/16″ will easily work as the support surface to hold your object platen and stay sturdy for easy sanding. Plus, the removable belt platen and idler roller guard easy to remove this part from the machine so you can sand the contours of your plans even easier and more accurate.

Dust Collector System:

The dust port collect the saw dust release from the working process in fast and professional ways significantly reduces your cleaning time while still protect the machine from damage. In addition, the sealed electric box keeps you safe from the electric element that causes danger. The switch on/off located in the comfortable position, and designed safe without protective guard case can avoid danger when you careless and press this button. Make sure it operator fluently in the safest run.

Back draw:

Despite this sander has many benefits, can’t deny it still contains many disadvantages especially in belt tracking, which we found is complained by amount of users. But that’s just the first because after 2 or 3 times you can do it very quickly and proficient.


As the recommend, the Grizzly H6070 can work excellent for small sharping job such as making knives, blades, toys, metal sanding,… as both disc and belt sander with high speed, specific features and solid design in reasonable prices for the long time.