Grizzly G1015 Reviews – Attractive Price and High Value

Grizzly G1015Grizzly G1015 Reviews

Although belt sander is one of the most important tools in woodworking, its superb abrasion becomes more and more worthwhile even metal and blacksmithing work. Some belt sanders with specific design enable to apply in knife/ blades making efficiently. And, in the range of these products, the Grizzly G1015 impress by the attractive price and quality to finish the versatile sanding uses especially for knife making.


While finding a grinder for my knife shop, I usually look the design first to find out the one has a solid foundation so that I can easily sharpen my blades. And luckily, with the simple but compact design covering by cast iron body, the Grizzly G1015 got what I need. Moreover, this belt sander is equipped all ball bearing construction to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads, helps the machine avoid damaged.

Comparing with the Grizzly H6070 at the same class and function, this sander supplies the heavier weight and bigger belt size up to 2’’× 72’’-76’’ range. For experts, the most recommend size for knife making is 2-inch-by-76-inch, that is capable of providing more than 3 times abrasive.


You may considered what different from this sander can help you in knife making. Why you should choose Grizzly G1015 instead of other products The Grizzly G1015 not only provides the reasonable budget but also has a lot of offer. The motor comes with 1 HP 110V single-phase 14 Ample. The double spindle totally attached with the grinder motor allow easily install and use instantly. In addition, auxiliary arbor accepts buffing wheels sanding drums and flap wheels while the left arbor deliver 8-1/2’’ extension with 5/8’’ arbor.

The thing I like most in this sander is the quick release mechanism can easily change the belt just in seconds. While sanding, you’ll need to change the belt often especially with the job requires much abrasive like knife making. So the quick release feature allows saving time and increase work efficiency.

Furthermore, the belt makes the sanding more accuracy with the easy adjustment to any angle, increase abrasion for the more sharpen area. The motor speed at 1725 RPM and the belt speed up to 3600 FPM delivers the faster finishing job.

Benefits of using this product:

Sanding in general and knife making in particular, are the kind of jobs take so much time and effort. But, as you know, time is money. That’s why if you can apply the right tools with proper skill, you’re able to create more profits in less effort. With a belt sander like Grizzly G1015, you can assured to increase the more efficiency as you want. It has full of function to make sure your works run through. The belt tilt to different angle raise abrasion ability to create the most satisfied result.

What do others customers say about Grizzly G1015?

As a specific product for who need a versatile sander that is capable of sanding the most sharpen surface like knife, blade, axes,… Grizzly G1015 receives 4.1+/5-star rate in Amazon with almost positive comment. So, you can easily find and read theme before making decision to buy this product.

Back draws:

Everything has weakness and no exceptions this sander has too. It’s back draw is the manufacturers don’t introduce more detail for the customers about its strength, especially which belt paper’s most appropriate with particular kind of job. So that you may confuse at first to understand well about this product. but don’t worry! You can consult more info from experts or learn in the forum and useful website. If you don’t know which belt paper is suitable for this sander, you might found this instruction useful.

Overall thought:

We really recommend the Grizzly G1015 as the best belt sander/buffer for knife making. It can save a lot of your money and time in many years as an affordable price, wonderful quality and totally safe to use.