Green Star Juicers Reviewed

Green-Star-GS1000Tribest Green Star Juicer – A Brief History

Green Star juicers are produced by Tribest Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high quality small appliances for healthy lifestyles. In the early days the juicers were known as Green Power Juicer and which later became the Green Life Juicer. The newer versions of these juicers are now known as The Green Star and they are mechanically identical to the Green Life. This means the parts are interchangeable between the Green Life and Green Star.

The Green Star Product Line

Green Star does not produce a whole host of various kitchen appliances. They do pretty much one thing but they do it very well and that is to make high quality juice extractors. Its juicers use heavy duty twin gear technology to extract the maximum amount of juice out of the fruits and vegetables you feed into the machine. The twin gears rotate at a low 110 rpm’s and by doing so the machines are able to squeeze juice out of fruits and vegetables without heating them up which could destroy the nutrients you are trying to get out of your fruits and vegetables. It also uses strong magnets and bio-ceramic material to enhance the freshness of the juice which can be stored for a longer period of time.

There are five models in their juicer range – Green Star GS-1000, Green Star GS-2000, Green Star GS-3000, Green Power Gold GP-E1503, Solo Star II Juicer.

Some Strengths and Weaknesses of Green Star Juicers

Green Star juicers are able to do a great job of extracting juice from all different kinds of fruits and vegetables. They do an exceptionally good job with leafy green vegetables and herbs. These are the kinds of things that give other juicers problems. Another good thing about Green Star juicers is that they operate very quietly. Because they do not rev at very high rpms they do not produce the loud noise that many other juicers do.

There are a lot of reasons why slower operation is beneficial but that also happens to be one of the drawbacks of these machines. They are not fast but they are effective. A lot of people also say that cleaning these machines is a bit of a chore and many other juicers on the market are a lot easier to clean. Some other brands are able to be easily disassembled and the component parts can be placed in the dishwasher.

The Consumer Perception of Green Star Juicers

The perception overall is actually quite good. These machines have received very high ratings from customers that have come back online to leave reviews. Like we mentioned above, these juicers do a very good job of extracting juice from leafy green vegetables that give other juicers problems. These machines are also able to easily extract juice from hard vegetables. Some reviewers state however that these machines are actually not quite as good on softer fruits and that these types of fruits will clog up the machine.

Most of the reviews we have seen online are from very happy customers. Despite the expensive price of these machines most customers are very happy with their purchases and feel that the money they spent was a good investment. One review that we found online came from someone who I think sums things up pretty well. They said that they highly recommend purchasing a Green Star juicer if you plan to become a heavy juice drinker. They suggest that if you’re just starting out you might want to go with a less expensive machine but if you know that you will be juicing on a daily basis a Green Star juicer is the way to go.