General Description Of The Wein Personal Air Purifier

wein-personal-air-purifierWith the rise of allergens in the home today, there have been many products and innovations to help alleviate this problem. The most common is the air purifier or air cleaner. One of the many products on the market today is the Wein Personal Air Purifier. Personal air purifiers were born out of the necessity to maintain clean air in environments which are harder to control than the home or office such as these:

  • Factories
  • Vehicles
  • Airplanes
  • Trains
  • Enclosed areas prone to dust and pollen

About The Company

The Wein Personal Air Purifier line is a group of products created by the Wein Products Company. Wein has placed its focus on perfecting air decontamination technology. The main focus is on the ability of ionic discharge plasma to destroy biochemical agents which has been proven by both university and research studies. Presently this technology is being developed into new products.

About The Wein Personal Air Purifier

The line of Wein Personal Air Purifiers is the first to commercialize the technology creating a wearable unit which can be worn around the neck or in the pocket. This is a lightweight unit which can help eliminate allergens which are in the air around your eye, nose and mouth. Some examples of these allergens are:

  • Smoke
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Germs and viruses

One of the more commonly known Wein Personal Air Purifiers is the Air Supply Personal Air Purifier.

Product Features

There are many features which come with the Wein Personal Air Purifier. Some of the more prevalent of these include the following:

  • These purifiers have the non-thermal ionic plasma technology
  • These purifiers are lightweight, and easy to use for most people
  • These units can be used for travel, restaurants and compact spaces such as airplanes and vehicles.

More Features

Other additional features that are part of the Wein Personal Air Purifier are the following:

  • The unit includes a lithium battery
  • It comes with a necklace cord for easy wear
  • The unit covers a radius of up to 2 feet


One warning about the Wein Personal Air Purifier is that it should not be used by the following individuals:

  • Infirmed elderly
  • Anyone under 8 years old
  • People with pacemakers
  • Patients with chronic or acute respiratory care

As with any product, the Wein Personal Air Purifier may not be for everyone. Research and information as to what allergies you have will help determine if this is a suitable item for your needs.