Gaggia Platinum Swing Up with Milk Island

Gaggia 90901 Platinum SwingAre you a coffee lover who wants to be able to easily make a top quality shot of espresso at home? Then the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up with milk island could be the espresso machine that youve been looking for. Gaggia is a well-respected brand in the coffee industry and this espresso maker is sturdy and designed with functionality.

With this particular model Gaggia has surpassed other models to create an espresso machine that will consistently deliver amazing tasting coffee youll want to enjoy daily. Although priced at the higher end of the coffee machine spectrum, when taste and quality of coffee are important it is a worthwhile investment.

What makes this Gaggia Swing Up style machine different is the easy-to-use settings found on the dial thats smartly positioned on the front of the espresso machine. It also comes with an LCD display menu function, plus a dial that allows you to easily change the settings for each cup of coffee you brew. Using the backlit wheel you will be able to adjust the strength of each cup of coffee you make. You can also use it to navigate the menu with.

What makes the Gaggia espresso machines stand out among other brands is the fact that they come with detachable parts and the Platinum espresso machine is no exception. Regardless of your cup measurement you can easily adjust the drip tray (which is electronic) to fit a wide range of cups you may want to use. The drip tray is made using a stainless steel cover and hard plastic which accounts for its great sturdiness level.

Bean Hopper and Burr Grinder

If you take a look at the bean hopper and the grinder on the Gaggia Platinum you will notice theyve been made with convenience in mind. The grinder contains a very high quality ceramic burr grinder which you can easily adjust to finesse your grinding or remove when you want to clean the machine. The hopper is large enough to hold half a pound of coffee beans and includes a clear cover. This transparent cover makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the level of beans, however it is not recommended to store beans in the hopper. Coffee beans should be stored in a dark airtight container and dont buy more than you can use in a week. Find a reliable supplier of beans and buy small quantities frequently.

There are also many other settings on the machine including adjusting the size of the shot of espresso. The options in this regard include short coffee, single espresso, double espresso and tall coffee. Because it also comes with two pour spouts brewing more cups of coffee will be a piece of cake!

Milk Island vs Steam Wand

The steam wand is easy to use with a frothing pitcher and thermometer. Because the wand swivels, it makes it easy to get the pitcher out from under it. We tried the milk island at first and it works well but cleaning it is a little tedious so now were just using the steam wand exclusively and were very happy with it.

If there is a downside to this espresso machine it may be the small size of the water reservoir. However, I understand that if theyd included a larger water tank the machine would have been bulkier so I dont mind filling the tank regularly.

If you forget to turn your coffee machine off after using it, the smart technology in the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up will enter energy saving mode until you decide to make another cup of coffee. There is also a low-bean warning signal, however, as I mentioned earlier, I suggest storing your beans in a dark airtight container … not in the bean hopper. Just add the amount of coffee beans you require each morning.

Expensive But Worth It!

With a low price for what it can do the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up espresso machine is definitely one of the best espresso machines on the market. It combines technology, eye popping design and quality materials into making a machine thats practically unbeatable in all aspects. Enjoy superior quality coffee right from the comfort of your own home!