Gaggia Baby Twin Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia 12500 Baby Twin EspressoFor those who are looking for a professional quality home espresso machine I think they will have to read no further than the Gaggia Baby Twin espresso machine reviews. This is a semi-automatic espresso machine that comes with two boilers, one of them being designed for brewing and the other acting as a thermo-block for steam; you will eliminate waiting time between brewing and steaming. Whether you want to enjoy an excellent coffee to start the day or you want to make a quick latte at lunch for you and your friends, this espresso machine is all you need for a simple and delicious cup of coffee youll crave for every day.

Why Choose The Gaggia Baby Twin?

This machine has all the perks you could expect from the Gaggia brand, like the commercial grade portafilter, the 3 way solenoid valve, the brass brew group and lets not forget the Turbo Frother attachment.

But the double boiler system is not all this machine has to offer, as the Baby Twin also features a modern touch ring control panel with buttons that are backlit in green. If you are coming from plastic buttons and traditional switches that you can see in almost any other espresso machine out there you will be impressed with the looks of the Gaggia Twin espresso machine. Some of the buttons worth mentioning are the two programmable brewing buttons and, of course, the manual button. If you want to change the temperature of the water or have more control over the steam, these can both be adjusted using the touch ring. When the Baby Twin espresso machine is ready to steam or brew, a light will illuminate at the bottom of the ring to let you know.


Did you know the Gaggia Baby Twin espresso comes with a stainless steel housing? This not only provides it with a design that looks fantastic in any kitchen, it also improves the durability of the machine. You will find the Turbo Frother, the steam wand and the tray gate are also made from steel and not hard plastic as youll see in other machines. If you look on the top of the machine you will notice there is an active cup warmer so you can always keep up to five espresso cups ready for brewing. And the most important part for many: the reservoir. This is made out of ABS plastic and it has a capacity of sixty ounces, enough for making sure you and your friends will all have a cup of coffee to enjoy in the morning or any time. Water levels can be easily monitored through the clear container.

Double Boiler System

Using most semi automatic coffee machines you need to wait between brewing and steaming so that the boiler can reach the required temperature. But you can now avoid that frustration because this model comes with a twin boiler system that practically eliminates the need for waiting. With one boiler dedicated to brewing and one for steaming, you will get your latte or cappuccino made in half the time!

Commercial Size and Style Portafilter

Commercial grade brewing components have always been the secret for the best possible espresso and the Twin doesnt lack them. The chrome-plated brass brew group and portafilter both fitting the commercial grade standards improve not only durability but also heat stability of the machine.

Commercial Brew Group

Like the portafilter, the brew cup on this espresso machine is also made of chrome plated brass which improves its lifespan and also gives it that commercial feel. Due to its excellent heat stability you will always maintain your espresso temperature during the brewing process.

Three Way Solenoid Valve

The three way solenoid valve is an important feature in a high quality espresso machine. In order to prevent dripping it actually relieves the pressure in the portafilter after the brewing process is over and it also makes it easy to quickly remove the spent coffee puck.

One of the few negatives to this machine is the initial smell associated with the steaming wand. Some users have complained about a plastic or rubber smell in the milk, however this can be easily overcome by descaling the machine. I guess it would have been helpful if Gaggia had done that to start with.

As you can see, the Gaggia baby twin espresso machine is an excellent semi-automatic coffee make that will cater to those who want to enjoy superior coffee. It comes with a plethora of options and functionalities you will find ideally suited for making a delicious cup of coffee. Its the number one espresso machine for coffee drinkers around the world!