Framing Nailer : Fast, Efficient And Accurate

framing-nailers-projectWhen it comes to heavy-duty project such as house framing, you will definitely need a good framing nailer if you want to easily finish your project in the most cost efficient manner. In fact, without having a decent nailer, you will surely have a hard time accomplishing most aspects of framing a house.

For those who doesn’t like the idea of lugging around with a heavy compressor, you should defintely choose a lightweight or cordless framing nailer. Indeed, such nailers are not also less expensive and easier to use for smaller nailing projects. Nevertheless, you should choose a pneumatic framing nailer if you plan to use one on a daily basis and or for aiming on tight spaces.

When choosing such nailer, you should definitely go for a model that offers the best portability. You should also pick one that is lightweight, comfortable, well-balanced, ruggedly made and one that is capable of generating enough power to bury nails with minimal recoil.

Framing nailers are also more efficient than claw hammers as they are capable of generating a lot of hammering power to drive the heavy nails used in home or building framing. If you want your framing guns to last longer, you should oil them daily with each use.

The power of an air framing nailer is also important factor that you need to consider before deciding which model you should buy. Generally, a nailer with average power is quite capable of driving a nail into a depth of 3 and ⅝ inches. Other important features you should look out for are adjustable air deflectors and most importantly, how comfortable the grip is in your hand.

In short, a framing nailer is an excellent tool which any serious homeowner, carpenter, or construction builders should have if they want to complete their nailing projects in the most cost effective manner possible. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap your nailer is. As long as you have a decent one, you can be rest assured that you can tackle whatever house framing projects quickly and accurately.