Factors to Consider for Choosing a Framing Nailer

get-perfect-framing-nailersFirst and foremost, the scope of the projects will determine the usage for the framing nailers. The ideal projects for which these pneumatic machines are used include siding jobs, framing jobs, sheathing and fencing jobs, creating box assemblies and such. Really there is no need to use the framing nailers for just hanging a picture frame on the wall. This is an extremely specialized pneumatic nail gun that is currently available.

Most of the framing nailers that are currently available are pneumatic. This simply means that they need compressed air from an air compressor for their performance. Since framing nailers would be used for prolonged period of time, a huge air compressor would be required; ideally the tank capacity should be 25 gallons or more.

To give the user, better worth for their money and increase the usability of the device, the framing nailers should be able to accommodate all types of nails. Good ones enable users to drive 2 – 3 ½” smooth shank nails and the shank nails that are 2 – 3”.

It’s also important to note the operating pressure for the framing nailers. Even though the working pressure will normally be in the range of 90 psi, framing nailers with rating between 70 – 120 psi should be bought. This is because it offers the user to work at higher and lower psi levels depending on the scope of the project.

Of course, last but not the least, warranties for the framing nailers should be considered. Longer warranty periods for the framing nailers are much better for the user. Many of the manufacturers also offer extended service plans for a few dollars more that can be beneficial for the users.

Always compare the various models of the framing nailers based on these factors before making a final decision.