Electric Coffee Grinder

electric-coffee-grinderWhen preparing coffee at home, no pre-ground store bought brand can compare to the quality and freshness of fresh ground coffee beans. Freshly ground coffee not only tastes fresher, but it is also much for flavorful and aromatic. Whole coffee beans can be purchased at nearly any grocery store, and they can be found in countless brands, flavors, and roasts. In past decades, grinding coffee beans was a laborious task, but today, coffee lovers can purchase a convenient electric coffee grinder that will allow them to grind the beans quickly and easily.

There are nearly as many electric coffee grinders on the market as there are flavors of coffee. While it can make choosing the right appliance a bit more difficult, the large selection currently available also ensures that there is a brand and model that is perfect for everyone. Generally speaking, there are two main types. There are machines that work using a blade much like that in a food processor, and there are burr grinders which grind coffee using specially shaped “burrs” or grinding elements. Of these, blade grinders are less expensive, but they also produce less even results. Burr grinders tend to come with a higher price tag, but they produce much more even results, and users are typically able to manually select how finely they want their coffee to be ground. Blade grinders are, however, much easier to clean, and they can often be used for other purposes such as grinding spices. Their small size and equally small price tag makes them more obtainable to the majority of home coffee drinkers. For the more serious coffee enthusiast or home barista, however, a burr grinder may be a better choice.

Most major small appliance manufacturers offer some type of electric coffee grinder. Higher end brands such as Cuisinart or KitchenAid are most often the best, and they have additional features that make them worth the extra money. These high quality models will not only provide consistent, superior results, but they most often will also come with exceptional warranty programs, advanced safety features, and are easy to operate. Rather than having “one size fits all” options, most high end machines allow users to customize their grind which ensures the beans will be perfectly ground for any application.

Long gone are the days where coffee lovers had to endure flavorless pre-ground coffee or spend their time grinding coffee beans by hand. Thanks to the large numbers of electric coffee grinders currently on the market, casual drinkers and enthusiasts alike can enjoy flavorful, aromatic coffee from the comfort of home.