Doing A Home Air Purifier Comparison – Things To Look At

air-purifier-brandsIf you are in the market to buy a home air purifier you are probably going to be looking at multiple manufacturers and models. If this is the case then you are going to want to do a home air purifier comparison. By taking the right steps and doing the home air purifier comparison properly you will be able to make an accurate and correct decision for you purchase. Whether you are looking a HEPA home air purifier or a UV air purifier, there are some similar things you will need to look at to make sure that your home air purifier comparison is thorough.

Steps To A Proper Home Air Purifier Comparison

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the home air purifier comparison is a fair one. Many times units are designed for specific purposes and specific air flow situations so you need to confirm that the units you are comparing are like models. The best thing to do is determine your requirements before you get any information. See how big an area you have and how much airflow goes through the HVAC system to determine which units are appropriate to install in your home. Once you have these then your home air purifier comparison can truly begin.

The first to do is look at the cost for each of the units. This will almost always be on of the more important aspects of your decision making process, so you want to get it in order right away so you have a good idea what to expect down the road. I generally have a rule thumb that I do not like purchasing the most or least expensive unit, and similar to Olympic judging I will get rid of these right off the bat.

The next thing to look at is what is included with the purification units. I would try to find a unit that has both a filter and UV sterilization capabilities. Both of these together are in most of the modern air filtration and purification systems so you should be able to find a unit with these features that will work in your environment. If not, I would go for something with a real filter over the UV one. While UV is a great ad on, it does not work nearly as well as a regular filter at getting most of the harmful stuff in the air out. Once you have decided what to go with and trimmed it down, you now just need to pick the one you feel more comfortable with.