Different Types of Band Saws and Their Uses

A band saw refers to a popular power tool which comes with a blade. The blade of the saw has a continuous metal band with teeth along its edge which is perfectly designed to efficiently cut different types of work materials. The majority of band saws have bands that are usually attached on two wheels and rotate within the same plane. But there are also models out there that come with three to four wheels. The tool is extremely useful because of its ability to perform a more uniform cutting. You can expect a more uniform result when cutting materials using the saw because of the even distribution of its tooth load.

Because of the usefulness and the ability of band saws to produce uniform cutting, it is no longer surprising why many people decide to use it for metalworking, woodworking and cutting hard materials especially those that have curved and irregular shapes. If you are thinking of buying a band saw for whatever purpose that you have in mind, be aware that it comes in numerous types. The following are just some of them:


Horizontal Band Saws

This type is one of the most powerful cutting tools in the market so expect this to work efficiently when it comes to cutting large work pieces. Because of its power, you can expect it to have the ability to perfect even the most complicated cuts. The horizontal band saw is also capable of holding the stationary of the work material while the blade starts to move down through the cuts. It is primarily designed to help you cut large and long materials including bar stock and pipe.

While there are large horizontal band saws in the market that are effective when it comes to cutting even the hardest materials, there are also small ones that use gravity feed and adjusted with the help of a coil spring. The hydraulic cylinder bleeding which is usually attached to the adjustable valve of the tool also works in effectively controlling its descent rate. Note that more refined and functional versions of this tool are now available in the market in the form of the partially or fully automated models that work perfectly when it comes to cutting higher machining blank volumes. This makes it an even more powerful tool.

Vertical Band Saws

This type of band saw is also popular for its other name contour saw. One of the many remarkable features of this tool is its stationary blade which works efficiently when it comes to cutting complex angles and shapes. This type of tool performs its cutting functions either manually or through its power assist device. This is also known for being a free-standing tool and works by allowing the blade to vertically travel with the arranged wheels. This tool is ideal for cutting both metal and wood.

Most of the vertical band saw models come with an installed blade welder which does not only allow you to quickly construct new blades or repair the broken ones but also let the blade obtain a more purposeful cut which moves through the middle portion of the material being cut and re-welded for it to create efficient interior cuts. Most of the versions of the vertical band saws are also installed with an air blower which works effectively in cooling the blade and in blowing away chips from the working area, thereby allowing you to clearly view your work.


Portable Band Saw

This is a handheld tool which you need to manipulate in order to cut stationary materials and objects including conduit. You need to move this tool instead of the material in order for the cutting to start. This tool also works effectively in cutting not only conduit but also threaded rod, steel stock and concrete material. As long as you have the perfect blade for this portable tool, you can expect it to produce squarer and cleaner cuts with fewer sparks. The portability of this tool is also a major help in saving time since you no longer need to set it up.