Different Kinds Of Framing Nailers

Designing and arranging your homeframing-nailers-project every now and then is a never ending process. We love changing our home for the better because we want it to be perfect in the eyes of other people. This is just normal because we value our house. This is the place where we can be ourselves and dedicate our lives just to maintain it. Thankfully, modern technology is able to aid home owners to fix their things in their homes and invented framing nailers.

Framing nailer is the ultimate assistant to any carpenter because we are able to fix our things with ease because of this tool. It allows us to work without using a hammer and sacrificing our strength just to nail things. With framing nailers, you can just use it like a gun and presto, you are able to fix things in a flash.

Before getting excited and buying a framing nailer, you need to know there are many kinds of framing nailers. It is important to know a little about them so that you will have an idea on what kind of tools that you need for your task.

Pneumatic Nailer

This is one of the many kinds of framing nailers that is usually use for big projects like improving your home. it is one of the common kinds of framing nailers and uses the strength of air compressor. It works like an air gun. The air is gathered inside the cylinder then when the user decides to use it, the air is released into a tiny exhaust vent and then the nail is pushed into the material where the pneumatic nailer is aimed. Although this is the right choice of doing heavy duty jobs, the requirements for this tool is quite extensive. The air compressor should be designed to give the desired pressure by the pneumatic nailer to work properly.

Cordless Nailer

This is usually used when you just want to fix menial jobs such as repairing the cabinet but it weighs lighter than the pneumatic nailer. Instead of using air compressor, it uses flammable gas that is inside a canister. When the carpenter uses the cordless nailer, the flammable gas is ignited by the use of the electricity produced by the battery of the piston and eventually the piston releases the nail.

Palm Nailer

Is one of the many kinds of framing nailers that is use in enclosed spaces. The first two types of framing nailers are quite big to be used in small places but the palm nailer makes it ideal to work on places in tight spaces. There is no trigger in palm nailer but instead it uses forward pressure to attach the nail to the material you are working on. Moreover, you can use any nail with palm nailer because each nail is placed inside the palm nailer individually.

Now that you know the different kinds of framing nailers, it will give you the idea on what specific framing nailer that you need to buy and use.