Difference Between Portable/Compact & Regular Air Purifier

What is the difference between Portable/Compact Air Purifier and regular one?

oreck-air12bA portable/compact air purifier has the same function as the regular air purifier but offers light weights and low maintenance. . The only difference is the portable/compact air purifier is good for small room use. You can use it to get rid of dust, mold, pollen, pet dander and other allergens and contaminants in any room of your home. They can be moved so easily and effortlessly because of its light weight, easy to maneuver and operate.

Even though Portable/Compact Air Purifier is easy on its size, most of them have extra functions built in such as HEPA, ionizer, or even ozone generator. Thanks to more advanced technologies that help to integrate the functions together.

Where can I use Portable/Compact Air Purifier?

Portable/compact air purifiers are designed in table and desktop sizes which can be used in your car or even boat. Some larger portable/compact air purifiers have free stand and casters which allow you to move them wherever they are needed. It is a great way to energize the air surround you at home or when traveling. Also, negative Air Ionizers help maintain fresh air at all times. They’re great for airplanes, cars, offices, rooms, or any personal space where you want cleaner air.

Like we have mentioned before, it is for you to get an idea to do more research and figure out what your needs are when looking for Portable/Compact air purifier before you buy one for your homes.