Diamond MK 770 Tile Saw 1-1/2-Horsepower Tile Saw Review

diamond-mk-770Diamond MK 770 Tile Saw 1-1/2-Horsepower 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw is the newer version of the MK Diamond’s 770 Tile Saw and it offers twice the horsepower for easier, larger and more efficient cutting. The MK 770 Tile Saw includes a rip guide, a water pump and a continuous rim blade, making it ideal for use for professionals as well as the occasional DIY.

MK Diamond has produced reliable wet saws for the market over the years, but lets have a look at the MK 770 Tile Saw in a bit more detail to see just what you’ll be getting.

Features and Specifications

  • You get precise 450 angle cuts because of the adjustable mitred system.
  • Adjustments are done at a single point which means that they can be done in a very short time – you can literally switch blades in seconds.
  • You get a variable cutting head which allows for plunge cuts with any blade that’s 7 inches or smaller.
  • The guide bar and the linear cutting assembly are chrome coated which allows for precise alignment.
  • It comes with 1.25 horsepower and 6,000 RPMs which allows for speed.
  • You can get up to 20 inches of length in straight cuts as well as 14 inches diagonally.
  • Since the head is easily adjusted, it means that you can get precise mitred cuts.
  • It comes in zinc plated aluminium and steel parts which means that it’s quite durable.
  • MK 770 Tile Saw weighs only 50 pounds, which means that it can be moved easily.
  • You get a 7-inch MK-200 wet-cutting diamond blade, a water pump, and a rip guide in the kit, and all this comes with a year’s warranty.

Diamond MK 770 Reviews

What do we think about this saw? This saw has a few faults as far as wet saws go, but we still recommend it especially for heavy duty cutting for professional use. Because of its high RPMs, you get very good speed, and because it is rather heavy and the blades run deep, you can cut huge ceramic slabs or any other material that you’re working with.

The MK 770 Tile Saw may not be viewed by some as the best for working finer granite, but if you are working huge slabs that need to get into basic shape first before they are honed down to precision, then go for this saw.

It will definitely get the job done. The fact that the MK 770 Tile Saw has a precision guide also means that all you need to do is learn how to get the precision right on mark and you will be rid of poor cuts. The more you use it, the more you get better at getting the exact line of cut that you’re after.

The MK 770 Tile Saw is an excellent way to go for serious heavy duty work. If you have huge slabs that need pre-shaping, you will not go wrong with it.