Diamond MK 370 Tile Saw Review


A little less in horsepower than you’re regular wet saw, the Diamond MK 370 Tile Saw is definitely a good saw for small, simple jobs that don’t necessarily have to be done by professionals.

At 1.5 horsepower, a high-torque motor and fully submersible and thermally protected water pump, it comes very light weight. It’s actually a good saw for women DIYers who may not pack a lot of strength but like to do the occasional odd job around the house.

Features and Specifications

  • It comes with a self-lubricating pinion and gear box assembly which means that its maintenance free.
  • The sliding table that it’s mounted on can take up to 12 tiles at once – that’s a lot compared to other mounting tables.
  • The MK 370 Tile Saw has a safe switch which means that it can’t be operated when the key has been removed.
  • This is an important safety feature especially because this is a wet saw that’s mainly for home use.
  • It has a chrome guide bar and linear bearing assembly for more guided cutting.
  • The blade guard is hinged which allows for easy blade changes.
  • The zinc plate steel frame is durable and strong so long as the saw id not used for heavy duty jobs and for long periods.
  • The water tank is removable and can also survive high impact in case of falls.
  • Its blade capacity is 7 inches – not much compared to other saws in the market.
  • Its motor moves at 6000 RPMs per minute which is rather high and allows for quick cuts.
  • It weighs only 32 pounds and can be moved around easily.

Diamond MK 370 Tile Saw Reviews

Many people who have used this saw have given it good reviews. The general feeling is It’s the perfect saw for smaller projects and you can get quite a lot of cutting done because you get to mount so many plates on the mounting table at once.

The water pump valve for the MK 370 Tile Saw, although it has a small valve is a rather easy thing to fix – just get a bigger valve and replace it. It’s actually the perfect wet saw for DIY’s – it will do all simple around the house with perfect ease.

Some people have said that the MK 370 Tile Saw wont mount well on the mounting table, but what you need to do is make sure that you buy the right mounting table so that the grooves on the saw and those on the table align properly. After that, make sure that you get the mounting latches on tight and your saw mount will be stable enough to work on.

Our recommendation? For DIYs, you are making a good choice. There are few saws that can perform better than the MK 370 Tile Saw for small home improvement jobs. Of course for a professional heavy duty saw that’s used every day, you can get a stronger saw than the MK 370 Tile Saw.

Otherwise, for regular home use, this is one of the saws that will get the job done for you just as you wanted it. And since it can work a range of materials, it means that DIYs can be made as versatile as you want. We can definitely recommend the MK 370 Tile Saw.