DEWALT DWS535 7 1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw Review


DeWalt recently presented a brand new worm drive circular saw; the DeWalt DWS535. Expert framers have always been admirers of worm drive circular saws. These types of saws are perfect for their higher torques and improved stability.

Nevertheless, this new DeWalt is a sure winner. The new DeWalt DWS535 features have been upgraded from the conventional circular saws. Some of the new features include:

  • Top entry spindle lock that’s simple to trigger, connects quickly, and eradicates oil leaks
  • Broader saw hook for up-to-date engineered wider lumber
  • Common cut angles can be placed fast and precisely due to DeWalt’s original bevel detent system
    tough-cord retention and shield system
  • A good quality worm drive saw is an important tool for many carpenters, they attest that “it comes only second to their basic hammer and nails.” Never mind that the DWS535 is backed by a limited three-year warranty.
  • This shows that DeWalt really believes in and backs their product 100{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610}.

The improvements of the new DeWalt DWS535 are phenomenal. Satisfied customers have been raving about its fantastic enhanced functionality. One reviewer stated that “after half a year, I still love my saw, its held steady, there’s no problems, and its insistently powerful.” In reference to power, the DWS535 has a wonderful torque and general power for cutting through the strongest building materials, shattering today’s challenging engineered lumber products. Including a tool balance that has given many users something to smile about. Many saws created have a lateral twist at start-up because of the torque, which can create havoc on the wrist. But the DWS535 has a minute amount of lateral twist because of the saw’s torque design. This is one of their pinnacle improvements, since it creates perfect tool balance.

The weight of the DeWalt DWS535 feels light, perhaps lighter than other worm drive saws. However, the saw itself isn’t lightweight. The weight is vital in order to balance the power and permit the customer to cut perfect lines. Along with perfectly balanced weight, the chord retention system is a huge plus. Just about every framer at some time carries their saw down from the ladder by the chord. However, the DWS535’s new and improved chord system can handle all the abuse a user can muster. In conjunction with all the other improvements of the DeWalt DWS535, the rafter hooks are great. They’re broad enough to manage all the engineered lumber products that many circular saw users deal with.

DeWalt DWS535 Customer Reviews

Its obvious that the DeWalt DWS535 was designed with a professional framer’s work in mind. Every part, from the chord to the levers are made with superior materials built to last. Additionally, the DWS535 rip fence is the best on the market today. The fence is similar to those on a table saw, which adds to the improvement of the tool overall. Its great progress from the tiny “T” shaped fences proposed by other saw manufacturers. However, the DeWalt DW535 is not without some flaws, as far as some critics are concerned. For example, some state that the

“brushes and armature have a design fault. The brushes are splitting off and grinding into the motor.”

Another critic stated that

“the startup kick rotates to the left a bit to vigorously. The elimination all together of a start-up kick would have been a genuine selling feature.” There’s no safety switch as well. Once the trigger is pulled its simply ready to go. This can be dangerous if little children are about.

Overall, the DWS535 seems to have hit the spot with many professionals, amateur carpenters and framers alike. It’s powerful, light weight and rugged. The durable cast magnesium footplate supplies a rough and sturdy cutting platform. Additionally, the broader saw hook handles materials up to 2 ½ inches wide. DeWalt may have outdone themselves this time. Some think that “it can’t get better than this.” However, DeWalt continues to do research in the circular saw field that results in better built tools that professionals and home owners find useful and dependable. Its clear that DeWalt took plenty of time listening to framing professionals requests when the DWS535 was designed. After a long time of usage, the DeWalt DWS535 still works like new, just as promised.