DEWALT DWS520CK 6-1/2-Inch TrackSaw Kit Review


The DEWALT DWS520CK track saw kit is a mid range priced saw kit that has received mixed reviews from users. It has a powerful 12 amp motor that promises up 1300 watts of power in a 25 pound package. The electric model is corded which will save you money over a gas-oil mix saw. Dewalt promises that the DEWALT DWS520CK can provide straight cuts that are splinter free and perfectly precise.

Dewalt goes on to describe the DEWALT DWS520CK as having a parallel plunge blade with two rotating saws in operation at all times. This is billed as creating a productive and effective cutting method that limits kickbacks. They promise that the unit can maintain a constant speed regardless of material being cut, a low noise profile and up to 90 percent dust extraction. While many who have bought this saw tend to agree with the maker’s promises on performance, there are other owners who are quick to point out shortcomings with the DEWALT DWS520CK. Here’s a look at what users and reviewers like about the saw, and what they wish they could change.

DEWALT DWS520CK Review – The Strong Points

Owners of the DEWALT DWS520CK most often sing praises of the saws power. But this is not the only area where the saw earns respect. Owners are also impressed by smaller items that show attention to detail in construction such as an easy plunge action, clean cuts on rough services such as plywood, zero cut clearance and the ease of operation required to make a straight cut for even beginning wood workers. In specific, users praise the Dewalt’s ability to maintain a straight cut for up to 96 inches at a time. R. Davidoich of Mississippi says of his Dewalt experience:

“So what’s it like to use? It’s rugged yet lightweight. The saw starts smoothly and winds down to a stop quietly and quickly. It sits flat on its base when not in use since the blade retracts fully into its guard. It plunges smoothly, the saw pivot points and pivot arm are extremely stout, as a homeowner you’ll never be able to abuse it. … It’s so easy to make straight cuts, you’ll be proud and amazed of the abilities you gain from this system.”

Owners of this Dewalt saw are continually impressed with the value offered. The closest similar model is from the Festool TS-55, which sells at a much higher price point. Fans of this unit brag similar if not exceeded cutting ability from the Festool at a price that is far more friendly to the average man’s budget. Many owners of this saw have purchased it to use along side their more expensive Festool and report finding few differences in quality between the two saws, making the Dewalt the more sound economical purchase. Many of these owners say they prefer the rugged durability and warranty of the Dewalt to the Festool overall.

DEWALT DWS520CK Review – The Weak Points

Despite the glowing reviews of ease of operation and smooth guided cuts, some users still found faults with the DEWALT DWS520CK. The most noted of these flaws happens when users try to connect more than one piece of tracking in order to enable the saw to make even longer cuts. The reviews suggest that a smooth transition between rails is difficult to achieve and is far less effective than other competitively priced saws. Another key concern of this saw lies in corresponding accessories. Users are not happy with the availability and price points of necessary components to make this saw able to do all that it is capable of. Some users report having to result to online auction sites to find needed accessories and components.

Besides these two chief complaints , even those offering negative reviews of this product have positive things to say about the saw and it’s cutting ability. If you’re looking for longer cuts or additional applications, reviews suggest considering other brands. However, if you have lengths of 96 inches or less that frequently require a straight and precise cut, then this saw is a great purchase for you. Buying the DEWALT DWS520CK leaves you with a cost effective tool that can be relied upon for consistency and quality work.