DEWALT DW059B Cordless Wrench Reviews

Our review of the DEWALT DW059B Cordless Impact Wrench. The DEWALT DW059B Cordless Impact Wrench can deliver a maximum of 3,600 inch-pounds (300 foot-pounds) of torque. With its bright yellow appearance it will be hard to miss in any home or small business workshop. The touch outer exterior of this product is built to last, but be careful not to drop it on the floor like a normal pneumatic drill end, as it will probably break after a while.

Although the unit feels heavier than other impact wrenches that i have used, it is comfortable to handle and not to heavy to make it awkward to use. This cordless impact wrench both tightens nuts or bolts and loosens frozen fasteners flawlessly. Its a good all round versatile toll and is much more portable than an air-driven tool. For a battery powered tool it also delivers a lot of power and is the ideal choice for heavy duty fastening applications.

You need to note that this is a bare tool only, so you will need to purchase separate batteries for this product. The DEWALT DW059B works with the the DC9096 18-volt XRP battery pack and the DW9117 15-minute charger.

We found a great price on for the DEWALT DW059B, you can also purchase the batteries at the same time, and free delivery is also included on both these products. You can check out the latest offers on this product.

DEWALT DW059B Cordless Impact Wrench Features & Specifications

  • 300 ft-lbs of maximum torque,1,650 rpm/2,600 bpm for fast application speed
  • Preferred rocker switch design for fast and easy fastening
  • Comfort grip provides maximum comfort
  • Durable magnesium gear case, all metal transmission, heavy-duty impacting mechanism directs torque to fastener without kickback
  • Tool only (battery not included)

DEWALT DW059B Negative Reviews

Its a simple conclusion that the positive reviews far out do any negative customer reviews for this product. But with any product your always going to be able to point out a few concerns or comments. The main one is that the trigger button isn’t like a regular button and it has an upper and lower section to it. Dependent on which part you push, will depend on which direction it will run, but after a few uses you get accustomed to it.

Its also worth pointing out that this product doesn’t come with a battery, so you will need to purchase these separately.

DEWALT DW059B Positive Reviews

First thing to point out is the outstanding after sales service that is included with this product. It has a free 12-month service contract, where DEWALT will maintain the tool and replace worn parts caused by normal day to day use, all included.

Also included with this product is the three year limited warranty covering any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship.

Its also a powerful wrench that delivers 1,650 RPM and 2,600 BPM for max torque of 3,600 inch-pounds.

This impact is very strong when it comes to bolt and nut removal jobs, and with a fresh battery loaded it will easily clear old rusted bolts where you may struggle with a breaker bar.

DEWALT DW059B Cordless Impact Wrench Review Summary

This powerful and bright canary yellow impact wrench has scored well in all areas and you will grow to love the versatility and consistent performance that this product delivers.

We really rate the DEWALT DW059B highly and it would make a great compliment to any new or existing set of tools. Remember to buy additional batteries to get the most of of this product and you cant go wrong. That’s why we would score the DEWALT DW059B a healthy 4/5 out of 5 for our overall product review.