DEWALT DCS391L1 Circular Saw Kit Review


When working construction, it is important to have a circular saw on hand, at a moments notice, such as the DEWALT DCS391L1 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah Circular Saw Kit. This circular saw kit comes with many different tolls and accessories, so you don’t need to go out and purchase additional equipment. If you plan on performing any home maintenance, this may just be the perfect circular saw for you. Of course, it is important to take into consideration all the pros and cons of the hardware, before you go out and make a final decision, as you want to know everything about the DEWALT DCS391L1 before buying the equipment for yourself.

The DEWALT DCS391L1 is a cordless circular saw kit, with a supplied battery charger. This way, the equipment does not need a necessary power outlet in order to function. The kit comes with everything you need, ranging from the carrying case and the circular saw, to the battery and battery charger. The built in comfort grip ensures your hands stay firm and in control when sawing through wood or other objects. You don’t want a grip that is soft or not comfortable, is it leads to hands slipping while cutting, which results in inaccurate cuts and possible injury. There is also a zero to 50 degree bevel capacity, which allows for impressive bevel cuts.

DEWALT DCS391L1 Customer Reviews

There are many different perks when purchasing the DEWALT DCS391L1. This includes the ability to stay wire free while using the equipment. Many circular saws still must connect to a lower power outlet, which reduces the overall maneuverability of the equipment. It is also possible to accidentally cut through the power cord, which completely destroys the equipment. Once the battery is out of power, you can eject the battery and slid it into the provided charger. If a second battery is purchased, the circular saw may still be used while the initial battery is charged. Plus, the 50 degree bevel capacity is essential when cutting out designs in wood and a sudden turning radius is required. Most other circular saws on the same price range are not able to perform this sort of cut. The battery system on the DEWALT DCS391L1 is rated nicely by many users, including Jordan Lee, who states

“The battery and ergonomics are one thing they definitely got right on this one! The battery holds a charge long enough to run through anything but solid all day cabinet making, and this saw perfectly fits in my hand.”

There are some negatives with the DEWALT DCS391L1 that needs to be taken into consideration before going out and purchasing the equipment. To start, the blade provided with the equipment is more of a power, fast cutting blade, and does not provide as accurate a cut as many other circular saws. If you want an extremely accurate cut, you may need to look elsewhere. The saw is designed more towards speed, so for fine crafts, this is not the saw for you. On top of this, the equipment only comes with a single battery. When using a device wit a removable battery, it is nice to have a second battery available, this way you don’t need to stop working when the battery is out of power. It is possible to go out and purchase a second battery, but this is another added expense you must swallow, if you want to ensure you always have enough power to get the job done, without taking an extensive break in order to wait for the battery to charge.

If you have a considerable amount of cuts that need to be made in a short period of time, the DEWALT circular saw kit may just be perfect for you. The hardware is designed for power and speed, so you can plow through just about anything without a slow down in progress. Plus, the rechargeable battery ensures you are always with power, especially when a second battery is purchased. You also aren’t tethered to a wall as there is no power cord found on the DEWALT equipment. If you are looking for a high powered circular saw that you don’t need to charge every few hours, the DEWALT DCS391L1 is a purchase you won’t be sorry you made.