DEWALT DC800KL 36-Volt 1/2-inch Impact Wrench Review

DeWalt DC800KL Impact Wrench works swiftly especially in tough fastening jobs and this is mainly powered by NANO battery tech and its ability to produce maximum torque. It has a unique impact mechanism which is best known for minimizing kickback, as well as combining 1,400 rpm and 2,500 bpm which eases its work by making the loosening, in addition to tightening tough fasteners simple. It best qualifies to perform the following; adjusting lug nuts, working with concrete, and driving large screws among others. It is designed in an ergonomic shape and it can be held quite comfortably in the hand.

It has a high efficiency motor also consists of replaceable brushes for simple and better maintenance. Its kit features two 36-volt NANO phosphate lithium-ion batteries and a charger. The batteries are very light which also contributes to its overall lightness. One will not bother buying battery replacements every now and again as the batteries are rechargeable.


It is awesome

It can handles pieces of jobs starting from drive 6 inch lag bolts to 3 ½ inch wood screws. It is adjustable making it suitable to perform a range of jobs from small and heavy jobs. The wrench works best and it is worth its price. It is also very affordable as one does not have to buy a separate battery. This is mainly because this tool is purchased with the batteries already inside.

It is light and compact in size

It only weighs 3.7pounds which means that it is very light and can be held for a long time without feeling exhausted. Moreover, it can handle a range of jobs, be it heavy or just a simple and light job. This is the main reason why most people like it because they can always buy one and use it for home improvement.

Reputed manufacturer

The DEWALT is a reputed company and it is best known for its best qualities products. They also provide a warranty fro all their products to prove their loyalty to their prospective clients and promise a quick response whenever a customer raises a complaint. In most of their warranties, they promise their clients appropriate repair and replacements in case the tool is severely spoilt. Indeed, this is the kind of a company that one should be considering first when purchasing their new tools.

It is great

The DC800KL is very comfortable to hold in the hand. This is because it is well built and it ahs a magnesium casing that is very smooth making it easy to grasp and also contributes a lot on its overall elegance. This is unlike other tools that are quite rugged and one feels uncomfortable holding them. it has a long battery life thus one can use it for longer periods of time without experiencing inconveniences.


  • It has maximum torque
  • Maximum motor affectivity with replicable brushes for utmost delivery of functionality in most of the fastening applications
  • It comes along two ion-lithium battery that has prolong life
  • Recommended for rocker switch design for swift and simple forward and reverse
  • Anti slip soothe grasp with facilitates its management


Didn’t live up to expectations, not automotive oriented

It lacks the advertised high torque capacity, it cannot auto lug nuts as expected and this is quite disappointing to many users. It has a power output of 36 volt Lilon which is still as expected by many users.

It is costly

Although the batteries lasts for long but they just shut without alerting the user. This may cause inconvenience especially when one did not have any replacements ready.


Are looking for a perfect tool that is designed by a reputed manufacturer ad performs just awesome. It is able to handle the following tasks with easy and seamless; adjusting lug nuts, working with concrete, and driving large screws among others. The DeWalt DC800KL Impact Wrench is the best tool for you.