DEWALT DC725KA 18-Volt Cordless Drill Review


DEWALT DC725KA 18-Volt Cordless Compact Hammer Drill

The DEWALT DC725KA Cordless Drill can drill effortlessly through any surface. It is a hammer drill so masonry and concrete can be drilled through with confidence. Thanks to the enormous power at its disposal, it makes light work of fastening and drilling work and its cordless nature makes it easy to carry around too.

The comfortable grip handle of the drill and its variable speed setting reduces the fatigue associated with such physical work. With DEWALT DC725KA, a Ni-Cd battery charger and two Ni-Cd 18 Volt batteries are included which should power the device throughout the day. A sturdy kit box with screwdriver bits are inclusive.

The DEWALT DC725KA Compact cordless hammer drill utilizes a 410 watt motor that is quite capable of handling many different applications with its dual drill/driver function. It has a variable speed controller that provides a working range between 500 to 1700 RPM and a bpm rating of 8500 to 29000. It drills holes with precision and ensures that speeds used are material specific.

The DC725KA Cordless Drill not only comes with an ergonomic grip with a mid handle positioning for easy navigation but also offers an extra side handle with 360 degree orientation for use in extended applications. This reduces fatigue and increases the comfort of the user.

The drill weighs in at just 4.9 pounds and comes with a LED light underneath the motor for working in low lighting conditions. This DEWALT DC725KA drill uses 18 volt Ni-Cd batteries that give it a low downtime and longer working ability.

Drill bits and screwdriver bits are held in position with the aid of the half inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck that reduces slippage of the bit while working. The warranty contract on the DEWALT drill/driver unit covers a three year period with one year of free service and a 90 day money back guarantee.

Features And Specifications

  • Compact in size and light weight allows for easy operation.
  • Reduced bit slippage with a single sleeve ratcheting chuck.
  • 500 to 1700 RPM dual speed settings for optimum performance.
  • 410 watts delivered through a high performance motor unit.
  • LED work light for better visibility in low-light spaces.

DEWALT DC725KA Cordless Drill Reviews

Reading through the reviews posted by users of the DEWALT DC725KA Cordless Drill, one gets the feeling that this portable drill is up there with the best drills in the market. HVAC contractors and craftsmen who need a drill/driver unit which can last the entire day and be durable enough to last them for years of use will find the DEWALT just perfect.

However, the DEWALT DC725KA received a few critical reviews owing to the front end heating up occasionally after heavy use which loosens the bits, requiring more clutching. This problem is just minor and should not interfere too much with any work. Other than that, the excellent service program of DEWALT is something that makes this reasonable priced product a great purchase.

As compared with other brands, the DEWALT has in its warranty contract, service charges included as well meaning that any defects are taken care of for free which is a great boon for contractors who often depend on their cordless drills to get jobs done on time. Whether you are a contractor or a home do-it-yourself guy, the DEWALT DC725KA should be ideal.

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