DEWALT DC390B Cordless Circular Saw Review


DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B 6-1/2-Inch 18-Volt

The DEWALT DC390B is a power tool for anyone that is looking to find a good and reliable product that will continue to provide top notch work each and every time it’s used. This product is is not only reliable but it’s one of the safest power tools on the market today and this article will help you in deciding whether or not it’s the product you’ve been looking for.

First, let’s talk about some of the specs that this product includes whenever you decide to purchase it. First the DEWALT DC390B is 8 pounds, which is light enough to give you the portability to move around while holding this saw to get to those hard to reach spaces. Not only is it portable, but it’s heavy enough that you’ll never have to worry about knocking it over on the floor and perhaps breaking the product. Not only that but this saw is battery powered so not only is it light but it’s also completely chord free which will allow you to use the saw anywhere you need to work without having to hassle with finding and available outlet.

DEWALT DC390B Customer Reviews

Now really consider what it is you need as a consumer of this product. Are you someone who makes their living using power tools to complete jobs? Are you the type of person who will need a tool that will work just as good the day you bought it and just as good on the last day you use it? These are the types of questions you’ll need to ask yourself before purchasing this product. One consumer wrote a review and stated that “I work as a contractor and I find the DEWALT DC390B is terribly balanced.” This man makes his living dealing with power tools and working with them on a regular basis so he made need more of a reliable and steady saw with the type of work field that he’s in. If you’re in a field such as his, perhaps you’ll need a different product. However if you’re only going to be using this product only on occasion that this would be the perfect tool for you to add to your arsenal!

However, please note that even though the review that was given above shed this product in a negative light, this product has received nothing but positive reviews from the majority of people who have purchased this product. One customer who purchased this saw went as far as leaving a review stating :

“The saw arrived within a week, in perfect condition and I have been framing in a bathroom with it all day. It is a great tool and it almost keeps up with my mag77 only I don’t need to roll out any cord’s.”

As you can tell from this mans review, it really is a reliable product that you can use over and over again around the house or any projects that you want to get done in the quickest and most precise manner. Another customer wrote in about the DEWALT DC390B and said :

“I purchased this saw as a companion tool to my other 18 volt DeWalt tools. I already own
several battery packs and chargers so the “bare saw” option seemed great – a cordless saw (DeWalt no less) for around $50, how can one beat that? I used it all day on the first day and found it very easy to use with plenty of power and the blade speed was more than adequate for framing material cutting.”

This just goes to show you that the DEWALT DC390B, when compared to other high ends power tools, passes with flying colors and will not only save you time with your work, but it will also save you some hard earned money!

All in all, the DEWALT DC390B is ahead of the game in terms of cost vs product results. This little saw will allow you to work anywhere theres a job that needs to be done with it’s lightweight and chord free design. The customers that have purchased the DEWALT DC390B have all agreed that they’ve made the right decision and picked a reliable product that provides quality work time and time again.