DEWALT D55167 Portable Compressor Review

dewalt-d55167As you know, it’s never been easier than it is today to purchase a portable air compressor. The problem is, though, that many of these so-called “durable” air compressors really can’t stand up to the demands of mechanical or carpentry work. They might provide the bare minimum of compressed air that you need to run your pneumatic tools, so many of them are nothing more than glorified bicycle pumps. The DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor, on the other hand, is a tough air compressor that’s made by one of the world’s best known tool manufacturers.

This particular portable air compressor shows all the hallmarks of the DeWalt tools that we’ve all come to know so well over the years. The DEWALT D55167 is built to deliver 200 Psi maximum air flow to provide stable, dependable air flow for all types of pneumatic tools. And since it is an oil-free air compressor, the DEWALT D55167 Compressor is designed to last for the long haul, with less break downs and the bare minimum maintenance.

DEWALT D55167 Details

  • Running at 90 psi with 4.8 SCFM, this compressor allows for super-quick recovery and recharge times.
  • Delivers a maximum of 200 psi for those times when you need to keep your air tools running for long periods of time.
  • At just 78 dBA, the noise level of this air compressor is considerably lower than other comparable models.
  • Oil free pump means you don’t have to spend time maintaining this air compressor to get top performance for all your pneumatic tool needs.

As you can see, the DEWALT D55167 is one of the best portable air compressors in this price range. With long run times, quick recharges and virtually no maintenance, this is the go-to air compressor for quick jobs and big projects alike.

Dewalt D55167 Customer Reviews

No DEWALT D55167 Compressor review would be complete without touching on the online customer reviews. I checked out what real life people had to say about this model, and was very impressed to find that this model has earned a solid 4.7 out of 5 star rating from tool users who have purchased and used this air compressor on their own projects.

If you know great tools, you know it’s hard to beat a DeWalt. So if you are in the market for an easy to use, powerful and quiet operating air compressor, you can’t miss when you order the DEWALT D55167 1.6 HP 200 PSI Oil Free High Pressure Low Noise Horizontal Portable Compressor.