DEWALT D55151 Review : DEWALT D55151 Air Compressor Buyer Guide

dewalt-d55151There was a lot more to the compressor and I was pleasantly surprised. Here is my review for DEWALT D55151 compressor. As you read the review you will see all the reasons I decided to purchase this particular compressor.

What to look for when buying a compressor

  • Max PSI
  • Cylinder material
  • Regulator
  • Handling and maneuverability
  • Pump details

What is the maximum PSI the compressor can handle?

The DEWALT D55151 is a powerful compressor and can deliver 3.2 cubic feet per minute at 100 PSI.

What is the cylinder made of?

The cylinder is made out of pure cast iron that is lubricated with oil. This helps to improve the life of the pump.

What size is the regulator?

The 2/8 inch regulator is a special high flow design which helps to increase performance.

How easy is it to handle on the job site?

The design is a special lightweight model to increase maneuverability and ease of handling. IT is constructed smaller to help decrease its weight and make it easier to move around the jobsite.

What kind of pump does it have?

The pump is a special oil lubricated design which will help to elongate the life of the pump.

How much should I expect to pay?

That will really depend on where you decide to buy the D55151. It is listed many places for $478. However, it is available on for only $217.99. They are also offering a special on shipping and it is free. This saves even more money. Take advantage of this great price on by clicking here.

What’s included with the compressor?

  • DEWALT D55151 14 amp 2 ½ Horsepower 4- gallon oiled Twin Hot Dog Compressor
  • High flow pressure regulator

Is there an included warranty?

Yes there is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year free service contract. This compliments the one-year warranty.

What are other customers saying about the D55151?

There are very few customers who have not rated this compressor with 5 stars. A few have ranked it in at 4 stars. Over all it seems customers are very satisfied with this tool. Here are what they are saying about the DEWALT D55151 compressor:

  • “Not too loud – and holds pressure”
  • “Easy to set up”
  • “Best small compressor I’ve ever owned”
  • “These compressors are a staple of the building and remodeling industry”
  • “ the unit worked flawlessly”

Are there any complaints?

The only complaint is that you have to buy the newer synthetic oils for the compressor to work properly. This is an added expense. Other than that there’s not any.

Where can I buy the D55151?

They are available a lot of different places, but after much research I found it at the best price on They are also offering free shipping so it’ s a great deal!