DEWALT D55146 Review : DEWALT D55146 Air Compressor Buyer Guide

dewalt-d55146I’ve looked for just the right compressor at the right price and I finally found it on So this is my review of the DEWALT D55146 Compressor with Wheels.

What should I look for when I purchase an air compressor?

  • Storage tank
  • PSI
  • How to transport the compressor
  • Noise level
  • Pump and motor life

What size storage tank does the DEWALT compressor have?

The storage tank is heavy duty and has a 4 ½ gallon capacity. This provides more usable air than some of the other models that are available.

What is the maximum PSI?

The DEWALT D55146 has a maximum of 200 PSI. It usually runs at 5.2 SCFM at 90 PSI. This allows the compressor a quick recovery as soon as the tank is empty.

Is it easy to transport the compressor?

It has a great collapsible handle and 10 inch non flat tires that makes it really easy to pull around the work site.

How loud is this compressor?

Most air compressors are pretty loud. This air compressor is not the quietest I’ve ever heard, but it is certainly quieter than most of the other compressors I’ve used.

How durable is the pump and motor?

This oil free pump and motor are virtually maintenance free and will last a lot longer than compressors that need attention all the time. The Ehp efficient high pressure technology also helps to extend the life of the compressor’s motor and pump.

How much should you expect to pay?

That will totally depend on where you buy it. The list price is just over $675. However, has it for only $309. And even with shipping that would be far less than you’ll find in any store. But they are also offering their free shipping on this item. So you can’t beat a deal like that!

Is there a warranty?

The DEWALT company will stand behind their quality products. This information will be included in the user’s guide included with the compressor.

What are others saying about the D55146?

The largest majority of customers who have used The DEWALT D 55146 have rated it with 5 stars. Here are some of the things other customers are saying:

  • “It runs quiet and fills quickly”
  • “No problem at all”
  • “Very overqualified for the job!”
  • “Wheels, beautiful wheels!”
  • “Quiet, fast, efficient and solidly built”
  • “The handle extends easily and quickly for smooth portability”

Are there any complaints about this compressor?

Some customers have said it’s not that much quieter than other compressors. And one said they had to drain it a lot.

Where can one of these compressors be purchased?

You can buy it a lot of places at the list price which is just over $675. But if you want a great deal check it out on for just $309. Plus they are not charging anything for shipping right now. Check out their exceptions deal at by clicking here.

Where can we read more reviews about the DEWALT D55146 compressor?

There are plenty of reviews by customers who have purchased and used the D55146 compressor on