Dewalt D24000S Heavy Duty Tile Saw


The Dewalt D24000S wet tile saw may initially seem a little pricey when compared to other wet tile saws, but the old maxim of “you get what you pay for” stands true here. With a four figure price tag, this heavy duty saw is aimed squarely at home improvement professionals and the serious hobbyist. So, what do you get for your money?

The heart of the Dewalt D24000S is its direct drive 1.5 horsepower, 110 volt, 15 amp electric motor. Lots of numbers there that basically equal POWER! There’s enough power on tap here to cut through both porcelain and stone without even as much as a hiccup. It always makes smooth cuts, too. Vibration from the direct drive motor is minimal, which means cutting through the more delicate stones such as marble is also possible. And the fact that it’s direct drive means that you don’t need to worry about wearing down any gear mechanisms as you work. An additional plus, of course, is the fact that it can be plugged into any 110v outlet. Power and convenience.

Dewalt D24000S Features

So, it’s powerful. But that’s not all. It’s got a host of other features, such as a 10 inch blade that rips to 24 inches and 18/ inches on the diagonal. Plunge cuts for obstacles such as electrical outlets also pose no problem, as the D24000S offers plunge cuts. The flip-style 1.5 HP motor tilts to allow cuts at 22.5 and 45 degrees. Even V-Caps and pavers can also be sliced through, as the Dewalt offers up to an impressive 3 1/8 inch of depth cut. It’s should be pretty clear from the above, that there’s not much this beast can’t do.

Precision is an important aspect of tile cutting. It should come as no great surprise, then, that the D24000S assures a precise cut every time with a durable stainless steel rail system that is fully integrated into the saw frame itself. The table glides smoothly and the thick rubber mat is solidly bonded to the table, effectively preventing slipping and improving accuracy during cutting.

With a “wet” tile saw, you are avoiding the overheating and downtime associated with friction between the cutting blade and the tile. The Dewalt D24000S takes care of the “wet” part with a 170 gallon/hour water pump. Two adjustable water nozzles facilitate user-defined positioning of water spray exactly where it’s needed and the inevitable over-spray is captured in a 5 gallon pan.


  • Plenty of power (1.5 horse power)
  • Easy, precision cuts
  • Large cut capacity (24 inch rip and 18 inches diagonally)
  • 170 gallon water pump (more than enough)
  • Motor tilts and locks at 45 degrees or 22.5 degrees w(makes cuts possible w/o an accessory cart block)
  • Rubberized rolling table to prevent slipping tiles


The only con I have seen is that the high powered motor can be noisy.

Now if you want the more heavy duty version of the DeWalt D24000 tile saw try the DeWalt D24000S wet saw. The DeWalt D24000S is the absolute best tile saw you can buy. The 2 DeWalt tile saw models are both similar but the DeWalt 24000S has a Stainless steel rail system integrated into the saw frame for the most accurate cuts. Also, the DeWalt 24000S wet saw has a plunge feature that allows the tile cutter make quick plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C registers.

One more difference between the DeWalt 24000S and the DeWalt 24000 is the 45/22.5 degree miter feature for quick angled cuts, dual water nozzels. For these extra features, the price is about $50 more.

In summary, the DeWalt D24000 wet saw and DeWalt D24000S wet saw are the standard in the tile saw industry. If you’ve got multiple home projects with heavy square footage, you want to enter a time share with a friend, or you’re a professional tile layer or flooring expert, you want this tile saw. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

If you’re only looking for a small home project, you can get a great tile saw for about $150. I highly recommend the Skil 3600-02 120-Volt Flooring Saw for the quick DIY project or lower budgets.