DELTA 28-206 Professional 14-Inch Band Saw Review

delta-28-206A Bandsaw is something more likely to be found in the factories that deal in wood and metalwork. It is quite rare to spot a bandsaw that is being used for household purposes. However, if you do need a bandsaw at home, the first-rate DELTA 28-206 Professional 14-Inch 1-Horsepower Woodworking Band Saw, 120-Volt 1-Phase can definitely come handy.

The DELTA 28-206 Professional 14-Inch Woodworking Band Saw is an excellent value. This is a great purchase that delivers amazing results. It has a variety of features and innovative technology. Woodworkers will love using this versatile product. This is a great buy for practically anyone.

It is the ideal machine for hobbyists and can help take your pastime to the next level. This unit has a big operating table so you have adequate space for almost any task you would like to complete. One of its most redeeming features is the tension-release lever. This ensures the quality of the blade remains intact and makes switching blades easier than ever before.

This Delta band saw is equipped with precision-balanced, nine-spoke wheels that help you complete any job quickly and efficiently. Fully adjustable blades give you more versatility than ever before. This machine makes sure each cut is clean and precise. Its quality is incomparable.

Low vibrations not only make it safe to use, but also make your to-do list more enjoyable to complete. The motor is unbelievably powerful and is equipped with two different speeds so that you can tailor the machine to suit your specific needs. You will not find this type of accuracy anywhere else.

The DELTA 28-206 Professional 14-Inch Woodworking Band Saw has a dust collector to make clean up easier than ever. You won’t have to worry about the mess and hassle than can be associated with saws. It comes with a V-belt and blade guides for even more versatility. A five-year warranty is also included for your added convenience.

Features and Specifications

  • Professional 14-Inch Woodworking Band Saw
  • Nine-spoke precision-balanced wheels
  • Full 16-inch by 16-inch cast-iron table tilts 45 degree right and 3 degree left for bevelling operations
  • Capacity to cut stock up to 6-1/4-inch thick (12-1/4-inch with height attachment)
  • Quick-release saw blade tension lever
  • 4-inch Integral Dust Port
  • Cast-iron trunnions table support
  • 120-Volt motor 1-Phase (1 horsepower)
  • 5 year warranty

Delta 28-206 Customer Reviews and Ratings

Browsing through all the customer reviews for the Delta 28-206 Professional 14-Inch Band Saw, this Delta 28-206 band saw has the makings of a highly functional and efficient power tool. It offers great value and superb features. There were even users who mentioned that to them, this Delta 28-206 band saw is perhaps the best of its class.

Some of the noted good sides of this Delta band saw are as follows:

  • Its 1 HP motor features sufficient power.
  • Most of the parts & accessories of this Delta 28-206 band saw are interchangeable.
  • Its cabinet doors are on hinges. It can be easily opened.
  • Its table is much larger than 14 inch band saws.
  • It has a highly functional blade tension release lever.
  • It is a 2-speed unit.
  • It has a very accurate height adjustment. Readjustments are no longer required.
  • It has a great & really helpful customer service department.

For its down sides, users have noted the following:

  • It has a sloppy lower blade support assembly due to the poor, undersized & pretzel-shaped bar it connects to.
  • Its bottom hinged door has a tendency to shut tight and bind up. It may also open all by itself.
  • Its motor can be a bit difficult to align perfectly.
  • It has a stiff height adjuster.
  • Its cast iron parts are not as refined as those made in the US.
  • It is not that vibration-free.

Overall, this Delta 28-206 band saw could be better. It may have a lot of good sides but users will find it hard to pass up its bad sides. Then again, there are still a fairly good number of users who loves this band saw and even highly recommends it. With the high 3.8 star rating for average customer reviews and its very affordable price, the Delta 28-206 Professional 14-Inch Band Saw may still be worth considering.