DeLonghi DO1279 6-Slice Toaster Oven Review

Why you should buy DeLonghi DO1279 toaster oven

DeLonghi-DO1279The build quality of this product is topnotch. In addition it has sweet digital controls that make the operation of the oven neat and fast. The LCD panel will help you take full control of the temperatures you need. Not only that, the panel itself is easy to read. You can also view what you are toasting or broiling or even baking nicely with its well-lit interior. Are you a fan of pizza? This model will easily accommodate two individual pizzas that are 12 inches in size.

Another good thing going about this DeLonghi DO1279 toaster oven is that it is a convection oven. The advantage of convection cooking is that it has a fan that aerates the whole space and allows even cooking that is just not possible with other types of toaster ovens. The included accessories like the pans are made up of high quality enamel that will last longer than standard pans you see in the market.  The toasting capabilities of this oven is just great and its baking even more!

Features of the DeLonghi DO1279

  • This toaster oven measures at a .5 cubic foot capacity. That translates to wide enough to accommodate six slices of toast and with the second shelf; it will easily fit 2 twelve inch pizzas. It will cook a five pound roaster chicken to perfection or a birthday cake with ease.
  • There are eight pre-programmed settings that make baking and broiling an easy task and the addition of the convection fan creates an evenly heated cooking environment that cuts bake time by 30 {9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} so be careful when using your favorite recipes and adjust accordingly.
  • The Durastone II enameled interior is non-stick. add this feature to the front loading crumb tray, and keeping clean is quick and easy just use a clean, damp cloth to wipe it down when it cools.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

DeLonghi D01279 makes everyday food preparation easy take for example the front door of the oven, it opens way out so that you can easily remove the trays for cleaning and maintenance. It lets out a loud beep or alarm when cooking is done so you are reminded. This is handy for someone who does a lot of stuff in the kitchen and cannot overhear sounds unless it is clear enough. The dimensions of this toaster oven are quite huge so it might take up some space in your counter so make sure there is ample space to accommodate this appliance. One common gripe about toaster ovens is that when it is in operation, the surface of the oven itself becomes very hot to the touch, not so with this model. The oven will not stay hot in the outside, a safety feature that will benefit you and the children who just can’t stay away from the kitchen especially when you are cooking something special for them.

Customer Review: Pros

  • Great for baking pizzas (which came out in perfect balance of crispness and softness), oven dishes and cakes
  • There is a convenient interior light
  • The outside surface doesn’t get too hot
  • There isn’t a metal trim on the glass door that gets hot enough to burn (Many of the Cuisinart ovens in the similar price range seem to have this issue)
  • Simple/easy to operate


  • It does only an OK job of toasting (takes approx. 5 minutes to toast and the resulting bread is a little dried out).
  • It gives a somewhat loud annoying beep when I change some of the settings, and the continuous version (3 beeps) when it’s ready.

With the DeLonghi DO1279, many old complaints are addressed and a few new ones rear their heads. It really is just a matter of weighing the pros and the cons to decide if this toaster oven fits the need of your family.