Cordless Screwdriver – What Is The Best Cordless Screwdriver?


Many people have yet to experience the joy of owning a cordless screwdriver, chances are since you’re looking at this it is something you are considering. A cordless screw driver can take away hours of frustration and bruises from pushing and twisting a traditional screwdriver on a stubborn screw with your bare hands. We have all been there, that one screw that just won’t come out, or is too tight and we’re worried about stripping the threads.

An electric screwdriver is a great and powerful solution to all of those problems. The trouble is often it comes with a cord that can only go so far. A cordless choice is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects since you never have to worry about how far from a socket you are. Choosing the best screwdriver for your needs often means looking at what is available within your budget and then seeing what everyone else thinks from there.

Cordless screwdriver reviews are the best way of figuring out what is the best cordless screw driver. You can walk into any Lowes or home improvement store and ask staff, though they may only know from sales statistics and not actual experience, or look online. There are plenty of sites offering reviews and “top 10 best” lists or such like for you to find out what is the best cordless power screwdriver to purchase.

You may not have any clue of the difference between a Skil cordless screwdriver and a DeWalt for example. So many sites often test models out against each other so you can physically see the difference. For example on popular mechanics they tested 10 different cordless screwdrivers and only the Rigid cordless screwdriver model was able to screw a ¾ Lag screw into construction lumber. Your needs will probably not be quite so extreme but the fact that this model had enough power and torque to complete the job speaks for itself.

The Rigid model comes with a large battery, which is a great counterweight and offers a lot of power for only $89 when compared to other models. The downside many have noted is that the exposed screws on the outside of the body, though aesthetically intended, can be uncomfortable when using the machine. Compared to other models in tests this is the best cordless screwdriver available. Even if it is not the biggest name brand you have previously heard of it simply beats everyone else when put to the test and can deal with almost any job. If you think your needs might be more than a cordless model can handle put the Rigid to the test.

Close behind the Rigid in most tests was the Makita Cordless screwdriver. Another name that some might not have heard of unless they spend a lot of time in home improvement, this performed almost as well on most of the tests. Though it wasn’t able to completely screw in the ¾ lag it came pretty close as a second which means the $109 price tag, though more expensive isn’t necessarily unjustified. It isn’t quite as powerful as the Rigid and lacks the counterweight that the large battery can provide though the absence of such makes it much more maneuverable in tight spaces. The high impact of this model also makes it rather unsuitable for small screws and delicate work as it simply tears through the threads. This is not an all round use screwdriver but for general projects it is a well priced alternative.

The DeWalt cordless screwdriver came in a handy third, and was not too far behind the Makita. One of the absolute benefits to this piece however is that it fits with the entire DeWalt power system. You can easily swap out the battery with every other DeWalt power device in your arsenal so if you have already purchased from them before consider adding to your collection with this piece. The downside on this model that many note is that though the bit ejecting mechanism might seem both novel and useful it also tends to result in many dropped bits and wasted time trying to find and reload them. This is also the same price as the Rigid model so you won’t have to feel you must choose because of budget, the Makita is the only one that is a bit more pricey for less performance than the Rigid.

Ironically having reviewed the top three you don’t see any of the big name brands there. The Black and Decker Cordless screwdriver performed average but nothing special and the Bosch cordless screwdriver performed only marginally better. Just because a product has a big name behind it there is no guarantee that it lives up to the hype, and this really is the case when looking at cordless screwdriver reviews. This is just from one power test though. If there is a specific number of screws you will need to do, look more at what the battery life can do rather than how much power the product holds. As we can see the choice in models from power alone makes a huge difference but if you need quantity then it will be worth checking specifications and other reviews for just how many each can drive.

A cordless screwdriver is a great addition to your home improvement arsenal. You will save time, and your hands by owning one and it can get you through many tough projects if you purchase the right model for your needs. Overall the Rigid cordless screwdriver is the best model when judging by available power but it is important to find the right cordless screwdriver that works for your needs.