Cordless Impact Gun

A cordless impact gun works a lot like a regular impact wrench. The primary difference is that the cordless impact gun is designed to operate off of a battery. This battery makes the gun infinitely more mobile and versatile. The impact wrench works by taking a rotating internal mass (called the hammer) and accelerating it rapidly with a motor. Once the hammer gets up to speed it’s connected to the output shaft, thus delivering a high torque hit.

People today who are involved in anything mechanical on a daily basis will find that a cordless impact gun is a perfect tool for them. It makes the job of the mechanic easier and also save their time too, as it work faster than a wrench or ratchet, as it possess a motor to give a perfect impact. As it is a Cordless impact gun you can use it anywhere for instance you can use it to drive lag bolts into strong concrete, brick or other masonry. Clearly the added versatility is something you don’t get with a normal air impact gun. It possesses many unique features and one among them light is the one with the help of which you can use it in dark places fro drilling.

On the other hand you can also use this cordless impact gun for drilling in plastic, wood, ceramics, metals, fiberglass etc. It possesses very strong motor in it, it is tough and hence it is durable, it is very reliable too. The cordless impact gun is very easy to work with; you just have to follow some simple steps.

The first thing you will want to do is to properly select your torque. This is usually done via a small knob somewhere on the gun. You should check your cordless impact gun’s owner’s manual for guidelines on proper torque settings. Once you’ve set it to your approximate torque you will need to attach your socket, or whatever tool you want to drive with it.

There is a selector of speed available in the Cordless impact gun so use it to select the speed you want. There is two ways selector one is high and other one is low, if you want more power and perfect impact then it is recommended to use low speed and for fast and speed drilling and driving always select high.

Always keep in minds that always use drive setting for driving screws. Select the mode you want and select the normal drill mode whenever you want accurate drilling. And for speed driving screws where spend is much concerned then perfect drilling use hammer mode.

You can adjust the torque ring which is situated behind the chuck. It is given in clockwise direction to increase and decrease the speed of the drilling. It is recommended that always utilize some scrap lumber and quality screws to get a feel for the settings.