Cordless Framing Nailer – Buyers Guide

framing-nailersUndertaking any project that involves wood work, building a house or repairing a roof for example, or doing carpentry work calls for tools that are efficient and time-saving. A cordless framing Nailer as a choice for the nailing job is already an excellent choice but there is more to look at before deciding on the best performance one for maximum output.

Having some points in mind before walking into a store or ordering your cordless framing nailer would go a long way into ensuring you get the perfect one.

The most practical tool for the job

There are two options when selecting a framing nailer, an electric one and a cordless one. The electric one makes the job difficult because one has to drag a cable around and this strains the maneuverability of the tool. A cordless one, in contrast, is portable and can be moved to any place unrestricted even to the sharpest corners. You are right to decide to go for the cordless one.

Carpenters and constructors start with calling the cordless nailer a revolution on framing nailer reviews.

Features to check out on your framing nailer

Your project is ready to kick off and you have decided to go for a cordless nailer but you don’t know what to look at as a guarantee of quality. Here are the features you must ensure are perfect before putting your money on that tool.

How powerful is it? The measure of power in a framing nailer is the number of nails it can shoot within a given period of time and battery charge. You should always aim at one that can shoot the most number of nails with the minimum charge on the should fire at least 1000 nails with a single cell charge.

How tough does the nailer get? There are different levels of hardness for each type of lumber used in construction and carpentry. When selecting your tool you should go for one that can punch up to the toughest wood, mahogany and rosewood, available without straining.

How much does it weigh and how firm is the grip? You are going to carry the tool around for quite some time during the day so you definitely need one that you can carry and move around comfortably. You are also going to be gripping the tool while using it so you need a firm yet gentle grip. Actually these two factors are much more important in terms of health because an extremely heavy tool injures arm muscles and nerves while a poorly gripped tool causes undue pressure on the wrist and hands.

Which nail sizes does it handle? A multi-purpose nailer would be the best option because there different nail sizes for different jobs. Typically an exceptional one can handle 2 to 3 ¼ inch nails. If you have a nail specific job then you can opt for it.

How efficient is the power source? There are nailers that use only rechargeable batteries while others use a patented fuel plus battery power system. The latter is obviously more efficient because it lets one run the machine for a longer time.

Purchase your nailer at affordable prices

Even after making a check list on the features to look for you still have to think about prices. There are enough online reviews of framing nailers along with prices to compare. Start with their to gauge the amount you are going to part with.