Compound Miter Saws Are Handy Tools For Many Jobs

Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw KitCompound Miter Saws are also called chop or drop saws and used for precise crosscuts or angle cuts. These saws make an excellent choice when you are making frames or cutting through various types of molding materials. Since the saws themselves are typically small and lightweight, they are easy to use in any room in the house. Additionally, the blades used are normally 8 to 12 inches, so they are small enough for use in smaller spaces.

The compound miter saw gives the user the ability to angle as well as bevel before actually cutting into the material makes it extremely versatile. These saws can be angled up to forty-five degrees to the left as well as to the right, which makes using the saw extremely easy. If you happen to have, some crown molding to put up, this saw works remarkably well. Additionally, the saw works on window casings and even picture frames.

There are a couple of options when purchasing compound miter saw, one is the manual that works well when you need to make quick cut and do not need a lot of force. The second option is the power saw, which runs on electricity and is an excellent choice if you use miter often. Obviously, the powered saws cost more than the manual options, but again if you use the saw often it makes more sense to invest in the powered saw.

The compound miter saws need to be in every woodworking shop because of its portability, versatility, and the small size. Homeowners especially like this saw because it allows them to make precise cuts on many different projects around the house. In fact, many people use them to make upgrades to their homes, such as replacing or adding crown molding, which is much cheaper to do yourself then hire a professional to come into your home and install it.

Besides that, it gives the homeowners a sense of pride when they do the job themselves. Investing in a power miter saw is useful, but if you just want it for small jobs around the house, you can purchase the manual saw in order to have this handy tool available.