Comparison Between The Brad Nailer And The Framing Nailers


Both brad nailers and framing nailers are used for driving the nails in the woodwork or the wall or even concrete. However, there is a difference in the nails that are used by both nailers and specific usage patterns.

  • The Brad nailers are designed for a specific use. They are used during the assembling part for all the wood projects and strengthen the glue joints. Since it swill traverse both sides of the wood, it draws the wood pieces together and make the glue joint firmer.
  • On the other hand the framing nailers are used for specifically driving the heavy nails for building siding, building framing, box assembly and other home building projects. Since they can generate more than 1000 pounds of sheer hammering force, the productivity at home building and construction sites increases tremendously. This has made many construction companies opt for framing nailers for all their building projects.
  • In comparison the brad nailer is a pneumatic nail gun that is preferred by home owners for working in their tool shed or those that operate in wood shop. Specifically the brads that are used are only ½” – 2″ long and allow the wood to be penetrated without leaving large holes. This means that with brad nailers, the user needn’t use the whole nail set for the operation.
  • Specifically the framing nailers are used for driving the nails in the lumber that is used during the construction of homes and commercial; projects.

Therefore as we can see, the brad nailers and the framing nailers are distinctly separate and can’t be used as a replacement for each other. This is because the power delivered by the framing nailers and the nails used is much more than the brad nailers. Other nailers apart from the framing nailers such as the finish nailers also have a specific task that they can perform and can’t be used interchangeably.