Compare Types of Electric Chainsaws

When it comes to learning how to effectively compare types of electric chainsaws, it is important to carefully consider the many different types of chainsaws that are currently available for sale. For example, you may want to compare a traditional chainsaw and an electric pole saw in order to determine which one would provide you with the greatest number of benefits. Moreover, you can also determine other types of electric saws such as the Alligator Lopper and the Jawsaw, which are both capable of grabbing and cutting and can be operating cordlessly.

If you are only comparing one type of saw, you may be missing out on ensuring that you really have the best tool for the job. Below are some common characteristics of four different types of electric saws : the chainsaw, the electric pole saw, the Alligator Lopper and the Jawsaw.

Electric Chainsaw

The electric chainsaw is probably the most well known type of electric saw that is available. Most people have used one at one time or another, and even those who haven’t actually put one to good use have at least seen them and know what they are. Chainsaws are used to cut down trees or to saw off large limbs. Typically, the best chainsaws are relatively lightweight so that they can be handled fairly easily.

In addition, many modern chainsaws can be purchased to offer amenities such as automatic lubrication and even the ability to change the chain without having to use any tools. They are durable and reliable enough to be used on even the toughest jobs and they can usually stand up to the test of time rather well.

Electric pole saw

The electric pole saw is used when a regular chainsaw cannot be used because the object that needs to be cut down is too far from the ground to be safely cut with a chainsaw. They are lightweight because they must be used at heights that would make it unsafe for them to be difficult to operate. In addition, they usually have a specific design which makes them easier to handle while simultaneously being designed to not only cut the object in question, but also to grab onto it and allow the user to bring it down and dispose of it safely. Pole saws that are of high quality also have a number of safety guards in place to ensure that they can be operated in a safe manner and then stored away with ease.

alligator-lopper-chainsawAlligator Lopper

One of the more unique electric saws is the Alligator Lopper by Black & Decker. This is an exceptionally lightweight saw that weighs in at less than 8 pounds, yet it is capable of delivering the consistency and power that is required in order to cut safely and efficiently. It has an 18 Volt motor and it can be operated without a cord for long periods of time without compromising any power. The saw is designed to grab onto the object that needs to be cut and then cut it in a scissor- like fashion as opposed to sawing back and forth. This particular model also comes with a two year warranty, not to mention being built by one of the most trusted manufacturers of all time.



Another type of electric saw that operates in a similar fashion to the Alligator Lopper is the Jawsaw by WORX. Just as the name implies, the saw looks more like something that would be used to extricate someone out of crashed vehicle than anything else. However, it is quite capable of first grabbing onto and then securing virtually anything that needs to be trimmed. The object can then be cut with ease, as the Jawsaw really does all of the work. The saw features an automatic tensioner that helps it perform its best at all times, regardless of the job that is at hand. It also has very limited kickback, making it safer to operate even under difficult conditions. The saw lubricates automatically and has a safety guard in place for an added level of safety. It also features added stability so that it can be operated as efficiently as possible.

When it comes to choosing the right electric saw, there are a lot of options to choose from. Perhaps one type of saw can get the job done, or perhaps it is necessary to purchase one or more different types in order to take care of everything properly. The one thing that is certain is that by choosing saws made by companies like Black & Decker and WORX, the tools will be reliable enough to be used for years to come.