Coffee Burr Grinder – Is This The Better Choice?

coffee-burr-grinderWhen it comes to coffee grinders, you cannot just pick the most appealing one in the bunch. You also have to know what is inside it. A responsible shopper should always take the time to research on the item they are intending to buy or else end up spending for something that doesn’t really measure up to your standards. There are certain things this person needs to know when purchasing this machine. One of the most important is knowing what to pick between a coffee burr grinder and a blade grinder.

Let us review first. At present, there are two kinds of grinders available in the market. These are the non-electrical and electrical. If you’re more of the ‘on the go’ person, you should grabe the latter. This way, you can make multiple cups of coffee in under a few minutes as opposed to manually grinding the beans by using a handle, which will take longer. However, the problem does not stop here. An electric powered coffee bean grinder have two kinds. These are the: 1) Blade Grinder and the 2) Burr Grinder.

Blade Grinder

Are you familiar with a blender? The mechanism for this contraption is almost the same with blade grinders. As the blades move, the beans are then turned to ground coffee. For coffee drinkers who are on a tight budget, this is a good choice. It can complete the job unfortunately, at the expense of good quality. Blade grinders are not really bean-friendly. In fact, these are known to slightly affect the flavor of the coffee. These tend to heat the beans as these are being grinded. If you’re making something strong like an espresso, chances are, you might be left with a semi-burned taste. As a result, you might get a bland flavored drink rather than a delicious cup of Joe.

Burr Grinder

Just in case you want to create ground coffee with a bit more kick to it, you should choose a more powerful type of machine. The burr grinder can give you just that. Although the blade model can actually create satisfactory ground coffee, it still needs more improvement. Burr grinders use rotating blades in order to crush the coffee beans.

If you want something more effective, choosing a conical burr grinder would be a good idea. With two conical-shaped rotating discs, these are able to create fine ground coffee without affecting its taste and aroma. Any coffee enthusiast with definitely swoon over the lingering fragrance of coffee around them. The only downside here is that since this model is more powerful and more advanced, it can be very expensive. Unless you have money to spare, don’t purchase just any coffee grinder impulsively.

How To Choose Between The Two

When shopping for these, doing research may not be enough. When you compare and contrast the product, make sure that it corresponds well to your needs and preferences. Take note of your income and whether or not you can afford it. Just remember: each of these two can create good cups of coffee. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a coffee burr grinder is better than the other, or vice versa.