Choosing The Proper Cordless Framing Nailer Can Be Time Consuming

framing-nailersThere are small jobs and then there are jobs that are huge wherein you will be required to nail large number of pieces to form any particular object. If you have a cordless framing nailer then each piece will fit accurately and quickly. The nailer is actually a type of air gun that renders any job simple. Since these actually take the place of a hammer there will be no more worrying about smacking your thumb and taking a long time to get the job done.

Nailers are of three different kinds and all three are readily available for purchase. The pneumatic model means that it is actually hooked up to a compressor in order to function. There are also ones that use fuel or even batteries. If you are just a DIY kind of person then a cordless framing nailer will work fine. On the other hand though if you are a carpenter and that is how you make your living then a pneumatic version is what will work best for you.

With this tool nails will no longer need to be held in the hand since everything is loaded through a magazine. Depending on which kind of frame nailer you decide to go with will be decided as per the type of magazine that it supports. There is the round magazine that can hold more nails and is usually found on a nailer known as coil style. Then there is a framing nailer that comes with a stick style magazine but, it will only hold around 40 nails at once.

At the time of checking out the pneumatic frame nailer there will be a couple different things on the tools. There will be something showing how much PSI is needed in order for the nailer to operate correctly. There will also be CMF ratings so you will know how big a compressor will be needed for operating the tool. If this is a little confusing then a cordless framing nailer is suggested so the compressor ratings will not have to be worried about before the usage commences.

Something to keep in mind before purchasing the cordless framing nailer is the building codes. All buildings have codes that are put in place by the city and they have to be followed or you could find yourself in a lot of trouble with the law. These codes will also usually state which type of nails should be used when constructing the building. Some codes will permit the use of nails with a clipped head but, many only permit the nails with a round head. So make sure to check the building codes with the city first.

Some framing nailers come with extra features that make it even easier for you to accomplish the task at hand. Sometimes nails can jam in the machine and the last thing you want to do is waste valuable time digging a nail out. So make sure it comes with an easy jam clearing. The great thing about this feature is it will usually only take a few seconds to clear the nail out so you can proceed quickly.

Another cool feature on a cordless framing nailer is a protective guard. This guard is in place so if some plaster comes flying back it will not hurt you. The guards are always nice to have when thinking about safety. Considering nails will be going in at different depths it is always nice if the nailer has an adjustable depth feature. This is so much easier than guessing how deep the nail just went.

Purchasing a cordless framing nailer would mean surveying a variety of price ranges. You will be fine though getting one that your budget can easily afford. If you are just doing projects around the house there really is no reason for getting the fanciest nailer on the market. Just make sure it can do what you need it to do.