Choosing The Best Rated Air Purifiers

Choosing a good rated air purifier is the best way to get a peaceful night sleep and help to ease up allergies. Pollutants in the air are the number one reason that people have allergies,making it harder to breathe at night when you are sleeping. Whatever time of the year it is there is always something in the air that makes it more difficult to breathe.


In the spring it is pollen and dust that can make sinus problems and hay fever a real headache. In the autumn and winter, flu season starts and everyone seems to be coming down with a cold. Having the best rated air purifier out there can help you ease some of these problems.

Room Size

The first thing you want to do is check out how big a room is when you are looking for the best rated air purifier. Some air purifiers will only be good for a small room, no good if you want to filter the air in a large space. Check that the air purifier you are buying is designed to filter air for the size of the room you intend to use it in.

You want to make sure that the air purifier you buy kills the germs in the air properly. The best rated air purifier will draw air into the unit and then heat the air to a high temperature so that all the germs, bacteria and other disease causing bacteria are killed. The best air purifier will heat air to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature you can be assured that the air around you is clean.

Don’t worry about hot air, as the best rated air purifiers will cool the air before releasing it into the air again. The best air cleaners on the market are the kinds that are air free air purifiers. Look for this on the label and packaging. This type of air purifier is ideal for smaller public areas like your home office where germs can breed.

There are bigger air purifiers out there but if you are only using your filters at home then there is no necessity to buy a really big one. The best rated air purifier varies from one person to another. Air free air purifiers are the best if you are looking for a system that is low maintenance. They are also very efficient in homes. It is possible that you can have clean air in your house with a simple unit.