Chicago Pneumatic CP734H 1/2-Inch Drive Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrench

The Chicago Pneumatic CP734H half inch Extra Heavy Duty Impact Wrench is the best of its kind for body shop work such as exhaust systems, transmission work and other general repairs. It provides a smooth operation and extended durability with power and at an economy price. With 100 years of experience behind them, the Chicago Pneumatic company is a leading provider of high quality automobile equipment making them the first choice of most professionals in the auto industry trade.

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Customer Reviews

All who had bought the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H half inch Extra Heavy Duty Impact Wrench was of the opinion it was the best tool of its kind for the price. One buyer said he likes it because it’s not too powerful and therefore easier on the hands; yet has enough power to do pretty much everything a more expensive or powerful wrench could do.

Another was of the opinion that this was the smoothest and strongest ½” wrench for this low price. He went on to say that it could handle all but the worst stuck fasteners. One other buyer had stated that even though there are stronger and powerful wrenches, they’re definitely more expensive, makes a loud noise and vibrates too much. He says he find it a great impact gun and uses it every day at his tire shop, because its well balanced and very light and will do the job easily.

Technical specifications

  • Item Dimensions: Weight 5.1lbs, Length 9.10”, Width 8.90”, Height 3.30”
  • Power Source: air powered
  • Size: 0.5 inch
  • 4 positive power settings; full power in reverse!
  • Dyna-Pact oil bath clutch to deliver smooth operation
  • One hand push button forward/reverse
  • 360 degree air inlet swivel to keep air hose from being twisted
  • Handle exhaust to direct air away from the operator and the item being worked on

This ideal top selling Chicago Pneumatic CP734H half inch Extra Heavy Duty Impact Wrench comes factory sealed and is the best choice you can make if you’re on the look out for an impact wrench that is not only of a high standard but also does not cost the earth. Being extremely versatile you can do worse than buy yourself the CP734H, especially if you own an automotive body shop or has the need to use it on light weight trucks or similar jobs.