Circular Saws Reviews

Black & Decker Firestorm Cordless Circular Saw

General Product Information The Black & Decker Firestorm is a cordless circular saw that is powered by an 18 V battery. Offering considerably longer runtimes than its predecessors in the Black & Decker line, the Firestorm is a model of innovation and efficiency that offers great value for the money. Main Selling Points The Black […]

Rockwell ProGrade 18Volt Cordless Circular Saw Review

General Product Information The Rockwell ProGrade is a cordless circular saw that adopts a classic design in bringing you a power tool that is thoroughly capable of delivering a performance that is suitable for today’s demanding applications. Driven by a powerful motor and using only the finest components, the Rockwell ProGrade cordless circular saw offers […]

DEWALT DC390K Cordless Circular Saw Review

General Product Information The DeWalt DC390K is a cordless circular saw kit that is driven by a powerful 18 V nickel cadmium battery. This battery ensures fast and reliable service over a wide range of different applications. Equally suited for rip cutting and cross cutting tasks, the DeWalt DC390K cordless circular saw kit features a […]

Makita 5090DW Cordless Circular Saw Review

General Product Information The Makita 5090DW cordless circular saw kit is a remarkably versatile and lightweight circular saw that comes in a compact package. With a cutting blade measuring 3 3/8″, the Makita 5090DW cordless circular saw kit is a marvel of innovation and design. Main Selling Points The Makita 5090DW cordless circular saw kit […]

Milwaukee 6310-20 Cordless Circular Saw Review

The Milwaukee 6310-20 is a cordless circular saw that is powered by a powerful 2.4 amp nickel cadmium battery. Offering considerably longer battery life than many other similar products in its class, the Milwaukee 6310-20 cordless circular saw can cut almost 150 2 x 4 pieces of wood on a single charge. The Milwaukee 6310-20 […]

SKIL HD5860 Circular Saw Review

Every workshop needs a great saw, and what better saw to pick than the Skil HD5860? This saw is 8″ long, 9″ wide, 21-1/4″ tall, and weighs only 20 pounds. It is perfect for any home shop and can be especially helpful for people working on home improvement projects. The blade measures 8-1/4″ and is […]

SKIL SHD77M Circular Saw Review

Whether it is for a constructions worker, a carpenter or a handyman around the house, the Skil SHD77M is perfect for any project. Skils saw tools are built with quality and durability in mind. There is a long tradition of the rugged resilience Skil saws have. Known for outstanding performance, these saws have quickly become […]

SKIL HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Review

The Skil HD5510 is a circular saw that in my experience has always been capable of getting a job done, without any setbacks and with the precision and control that one would look for in a good circular saw of this size and power. This is an extremely light saw weighing just 6.5 pounds. This […]

Rockwell RK3440K Circular Saw Review

When shopping around for power tools which have multi-purpose utility, the Rockwell RK3440K is an excellent choice to add to your tool chest. This circular saw is so versatile it can perform a host of similar tasks that would normally require the usage of multiple tools. Its compact, lightweight design makes it easy to handle […]

Milwaukee 2630-20 Circular Saw Review

The Milwaukee 2630-20 is a highly durable cordless circular saw produced by Milwaukee Electrical Tool Corp. Founded in 1924, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. produces and markets superior quality heavy-duty electric power tools and accessories for professional users all over the world. Designed to offer powerful and lightweight cutting for a multitude of uses, the Milwaukee […]