Chain Saws Reviews

Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch Electric Chain Saw Review

Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch 4 HP Electric Chain Saw And if you’ve used gas-powered chainsaws, you know what a headache it can be to get them running and keep them running. To say nothing of having to keep plenty of gas on hand and trying to stay upwind of the exhaust fumes! As one of […]

Makita DCS6401-20 Gas Powered Chainsaw Review

Makita DCS6401-20 Commercial Grade 20-Inch The Makita DCS6401-20 is an impressive piece of equipment. It’s a good-sized, powerful saw, and yet – for it’s size and power – it’s amazingly light weight and easy to handle. It offers great cutting power, and it’s a tough, well-made, durable, reliable workhorse. And that’s not just my opinion; […]

Use Chainsaw Safety Equipment to Protect Life and Limb

Chainsaw safety equipment is important. Let’s face it – operating a chainsaw isn’t exactly the safest thing you can do. But if you know how to use a chainsaw properly, and if you protect yourself with chainsaw safety gear such as chainsaw protective clothing, using your chainsaw doesn’t have to be a high-risk activity. But […]

When To Buy Electric Chain Saws

Electric chain saws are generally less powerful than gas models, and unless you get a cordless unit they are going to be tethered to a cord. But the additional power and freedom you can get from a gas powered chainsaw can sometimes make people buy a saw that is more than they really need. Gas […]

Black & Decker LCS120 Cordless Chainsaw Review

Who doesn’t like the freedom of a cordless tool? The Black & Decker LCS120 chainsaw gives individuals the ability to harness the power of a portable chainsaw without giving up the easy-to-operate yet effective performance of a lightweight power tool. It effortlessly prunes trees, does general clean-up yard work and can clear fallen branches. Purchasers […]

Black & Decker NPP2018 Cordless Electric Pole Chainsaw Review

With the Black & Decker NPP2018 there’s no need for you to risk life and limb just to do some pruning. Instead of climbing and precariously perching on a ladder to prune off those limbs, use this chainsaw on a pole. This cordless electric chain saw will extend your reach by as much as 14 […]

How To Choose The Right Cordless Chain Saw

A cordless chain saw has a number of advantages over both its electric cousins, and traditional gas powered saws. There are some disadvantages compared to both as well, however. Let’s look at a few of the things you should know when considering a cordless saw, to determine whether it’s the best style for your needs. […]

Use Chainsaw Chaps for a Leg Up Against Accidents

The thought of chainsaw chaps might bring to mind an image of a bowlegged cowboy walking with a stiff-legged gait, the slap of leather chaps harmonizing with jingly spurs. But while the thought of wearing chaps might conjure up some comical mental images, the protection that a good pair of chainsaw chaps can provide is […]

Chainsaw Safety Strategies – How to Operate a Chainsaw Safely

The data in this note has been prepared to raise cognizance of the potential wounds and hazards associated with the use of a chainsaw for general cross-cutting activities. Chainsaw users are inspired to pursue coaching in this area thru a licensed training organisation. Read the owners manual for Stihl chainsaw model. It’ll tell you the safety features […]

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw – an Introduction

This post is about chainsaw sharpening. We’ll start out in this post discussing the importance of keeping your chainsaw sharp. We’ll also discuss how to know when your chainsaw needs sharpening. In subsequent posts, we’ll examine the different methods of sharpening a chainsaw (yep – there are lots of ways to do it!). And we’ll […]