Campbell Hausfeld FP2048 2-Gallon Air Compressor Review

campbell-hausfeld-fp2048If you need a quality compressor that is a more complete package, then the Campbell Hausfeld FP2048 2-Gallon Air Compressor and 8-Piece Accessory Kit is quite possibly the best priced compressor you can get. It is a great product for smaller jobs such as air brushing, brad and staple guns, as well as tire inflation. It can quickly fasten and inflate, saving time as well as money, and it good for around the garage and shop. If you are a DIY person, need to make home repairs, or even inflate bicycle, as well as vehicle tires, this is a good choice.

This product delivers a 100 PSI maximum power and can do a multitude of around the house projects. It is small, but has a two gallon tank, so you will have an abundance of compressed air when and where you need it. It has easy to see gauges for accurate readings and monitoring. It offers a control panel that is user-friendly, a pump that is oil free, and the cool running motor even has an automatic shut off, which promotes both safety as well as a longer life.

The Campbell Hausfeld FP2048 Compressor uses a standard 120V power supply, so you can plug it into any home or garage socket. It weighs just 21 pounds, and has a retractable handle for easy moving and storage. It also includes a full one year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, you get an eight piece accessory kit, which includes a 25′ recoil hose, male plug, female coupler, air chuck, as well as two inflation nozzles and an inflation needle.

Features And Specifications

  • Weight: 21.9 Pounds
  • 2 Gallon Tank for greater stored air power.
  • Easy to read gauges
  • Oil-Free Pump
  • Cool Running Motor
  • 8 piece accessory kit
  • Perfect for wide range of applications

Campbell Hausfeld FP2048 Reviews

The customer reviews on Amazon on the Campbell Hausfeld FP2048 2-Gallon Air Compressor and 8-Piece Accessory Kit have been mixed, and just about evenly distributed over the one to five star rating. People that have given it five stars say that for it’s size and price it is the perfect unit for small jobs around the house, and that they would recommend it to others. Those that have given it only a one star rating complain that it is loud, doesn’t work very well, especially for air brushing projects, and feel that it is just not worth the money, no matter how low the price is. They also say that they are having trouble getting to compressor to provide more that 20-30 psi at any time after the first few uses.

Weighing a mere 19 pounds, this has to be one of the lightest air compressors out there on the market today.Measuring 17.25” in width X 15.5” high X 10.25 depth and coming with a one year warranty. Does this make it one of the best out there though? Not according to the reviews I read, they make this unit out to be very average for what it is. With a number of reviews from 5 down to 1 star, but an equal amount of each.

This compressor is said to be rather louder than some of the other air compressors on the market today, but as one reviewer states it depends on the room you’re working in as to how much noise is made, if you put your compressor on a solid wooden floor in an empty room then it will be loud, whereas if you place your air compressor on a nice thick piece of carpet it is already only half as noisy as the one without carpet, It’s an air compressor, no matter what you do it will always make a noise.

This is a very reasonably priced air compressor and at the end of the day as the saying goes ” You get what you pay for ”. This unit costs less than $100.

It’s great for the smaller jobs such as blowing up the tyres on your bicycle or motor car, small air nailing jobs, small trim jobs, or even reupholstering.

If you are wanting an air compressor for your personal use then this could be the one for you, but if you want a heavier duty compressor for commercial work then you will need to dig deeper into your pocket. Some reviewers say this is a terrible air compressor never reaching pressure and very noisy, while others swear by it, the choice is yours.

All in all, if you want a compressor that will fit the bill for many smaller, simple applications, inflating tires or sports equipment, blowing dust and debris from a work surface, or even the occasional staple or bradding, then the Campbell Hausfeld FP2048 2-Gallon Air Compressor and 8-Piece Accessory Kit is a good choice. If you need a compressor for larger projects, or for continuous uses, then you would be better off with a larger model.