Buying A Framing Nailer

framing-nailersThe framing nailer is the name given to a kind of nail gun that is used in heavy duty projects. A large number of times it is used for construction projects like house framing and roofing and it are very beneficial in driving nails through materials that are very tough within very short time periods. Available in the market currently are a large number of varieties of these framing nailers. Getting the right nailer will help you to work more efficiently and faster.


Take into the account the kind of project that you will be doing. Consider whether it requires framing nailers of the heavy duty variety that are commonly used for big heavy materials or not.

Note down all the nails that you will need for your project. Take a look at the sizes and types of nails range that will be accepted by the nailer. There are a number that accept a wider range while there are those that are only compatible with a smaller range. Depending on the kinds of nails you will be using, there are a number of brands that might not be suitable for you.

Bear in mind that you will need to separately buy an air compressor as these are used for the powering of nailers. A medium sized or small air compressor will power a large number of these nailers but will wear out within a short time. An air compressor of 25 gallons minimum tank capacity or more will be the most effective for a nailer that is high-powered.

Choose between a stick nailer and a coil nailer. The coil one accommodates very many nails at once and is very effective in the fixing of jams. You will also not need to reload with this type. The stick one accommodates a lower number of nails at once and will need you to reload quite a number of times. It is not as heavy as the coil one. In the event that you d not mind the weight, the coil one would work very well for you.

Lift up the nailer so as to test its balancing. In the event that the sore allows you to, test it to find out its amount of kickback. Go for a nailer that has a very comfortable grip and one that will maintain its balance while firing. Every nailer does come with some amount of kickback but it ought to come with easy handling in the course of firing.

Go for a nailer that is very light in weight but is still powered enough to handle your project. In the event that you will be working continuously for a whole day, the nailer will tend to get heavier and heavier with time. Also go for one with a comfortable size.

Make a comparison of all the additional features when you have brought down the number of choices on your list. Go for products with a good brand name. Take into account whether or not the framing nailers come with any additional safety features such as built-in air filters. This I very beneficial when it comes to the reduction of accumulation of dirt and debris inside the nailer.