Buyers Guide To Personal Air Purifiers

personal-air-purifierThese devices are made to be worn around the neck, on a lapel or in a pocket near the face. Some people and researchers would consider them dangerous because they emit ozone into the breathing zone. Because of this fact, people with asthma and lung problems are cautioned not to use a personal air purifier as they can trigger health problems and be ineffective. Children are also cautioned against using these units. Two of the most well known purifiers are the Air Supply Personal Air Purifier which is wearable, and the Ionic Breeze Personal Air Purifier which sits on the floor or the table depending on the model.

Tips To Buying

If you are considering buying a personal air purifier you should try to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Figure out the best kind filter for your needs
  • If possible, rent a unit to see if any health problems occur or your allergies improve
  • Be careful of exaggerated claims
  • Look for the CADR and MERV numbers – the higher the better
  • Purchase a unit needed for the size of the room it will be in; larger units make more noise than smaller units

Tips For Using

When you are using a personal air purifier remember to follow these guides:

  • Install room-sized units in the rooms where you spend the most time or have the worst problems breathing
  • Place the unit as close as possible to an identifiable source of pollution
  • Do not place the unit near doors, windows or foot traffic
  • Do not place the unit close to walls, corners, furniture or other obstructions
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and cleaning recommendations.

Other Considerations

Some of the most important issues to know about air purifiers are:

  • Pollutants need to be controlled from the source; air purifiers can not themselves clean the air
  • Air cleaners must be well maintained.
  • Purchase the proper size unit for the area you wish to clean. The airflow needs to be enough to maintain an air exchange of at least five times per hour.
  • Be sure to know the amount of ozone emanating from the unit; this should not be more than 0.05 ppm.

Personal air purifiers will only work well if maintained and used properly. Table top units and wearable units can clog as easily as floor models. Proper cleaning about every four days will help ensure proper working order of your air purifier.