Burr Coffee Grinders – The Best Ones You Can Buy

baratza-burr-coffee-grindersBurr coffee grinders are the best ones you can buy for home grinding. Prices range from $50 for a standard model to over $400 for the very best burr grinder. You can find them on sale occasionally for under $50 and if you know what to look for can get a great deal.

What Makes A Burr Coffee Grinder Tick?

Imagine two spinning gears like you would find in a watch or a clock. Now throw some coffee beans between them as they spin. The two spinning gears crush the beans as they go through. This is essentially how a burr grinder works. There are different types and styles using different shaped grinding gears, but the crushing mechanism is mostly the same.

The best qualities of any burr coffee grinder is that your beans are crushed slowly, rather than the fast chopping you get with a spinning blade grinder. Heat due to friction can be a major factor in ruining a fresh ground coffeeā€™s great flavor, but this will not be an issue with a burr grinder.

Manual Burr Coffee Grinders Compared With Automatic

The main difference between manual and automatic burr coffee grinders is the amount of effort required. One plugs into the wall and has a motor to spin the grinding wheels and crush your coffee to bit. The other has a crank that you turn over and over again to obtain the same end result, finely ground coffee.

Both types of burr coffee grinders can be adjusted for different size grounds. Depending on your coffee maker you will want to use the finest grind possible without ending up with too much coffee dust or silt in your cup.

This adjustment is one of the stand out qualities of the typical burr coffee grinder. You might enjoy regular cone filter coffee maker brew, while your spouse might be a french press coffee lover. An adjustable burr grinder can do it all with just one machine.

Some Turkish coffee lovers claim that they have trouble getting a find enough grind with most burr grinders, even the concentric burr grinders at their finest adjustment. There are grinding mills dedicated to making Turkish coffee that you can buy to tackle this specific coffee type.

Metal Is Best For Burr Coffee Grinders

When looking for a burr grinder, keep your eyes open for one with metal grinding surfaces, preferably steel or other hard metals. This will allow your grinder to need less speed to achieve the results and thus less heating of your grinds. If your budget is extremely tight, you can buy a pepper mill at most kitchen stores that will also be able to grind coffee, but it might also have plastic grinding wheels since pepper is generally softer than roasted coffee.