Buffalo Tools DP5UL Drill Press Review

black-bull-dp5ulBuffalo Tools DP5UL Drill Press – A good choice for any project requiring drilling, the light but sturdy Buffalo Tools 5-Speed, 4”, Mini Drilling Press unit features a small 1/4 HP electric motor, which will provide enough torque to drill through fairly tough material. With a 2” spindle travel providing the depth required to do most small to medium jobs safely and accurately, the sturdy, cast-iron construction of this Buffalo DP5UL provides durability and safety, yet is only a lightweight 34 lb. allowing one person moving and stress-free transport.

Price and main features list

The Buffalo Tools DP5UL Drill Press is priced at a low $134.79, down from $199.00 and provides a lot of features:

  • Five easy to change drill speed settings,
  • a 1/2 inch chuck capacity to fit most drill bits,
  • an easily accessed on and off safety switch, which is front mounted for ease of access,
  • a strong and sturdy cast iron table base and drill body,
  • a 0° to 90° left or right table tilt,
  • an competent variable speed drive lets you decide on spindle speeds from 760 to 3,070 RPM for numerous applications,
  • a 2” Spindle travel allows for the depth required for most small to medium tasks,
  • a light 34 lb design provides for transport and easy mobility ,
  • a task light provides fine visibility to the drill area,
  • a 1/4 HP Motor using250 watt at 2.5 amps provides adequate power,

Who is it for?

Buffalo Tools DP5UL Drill Press is a very good small drill press, but having said that, it is definitely for those who have lots of small jobs to do, rather than something heavy duty which will probably put a strain on it.

Pros and cons

This Buffalo DP5UL features 5 easy to change speed selections as well as a 0° to 90° left or right table tilt ability. An on-off safety switch is conveniently front mounted; the cast-iron base, table and actual drill body are steady and sturdy. Drill rotational speed varies from 620 RPM to its maximum of 3,100 RPM, the drill chuck opens to take up to 1/2″ drill bit bases and a 250 watt, 2.5 amp motor provides power to the unit.

Only takes around 30 minutes for assembly and is light enough for one person to move around. The company’s help desk is located in the USA and actually isn’t in India yet, also their service is very good. Buffalo Tools DP5UL Drill Press is sturdily constructed of solid cast iron, which helps provide both stability and strength. Not an overly powerful motor at only 250 watts, which will limit you to smaller jobs. The belt housing was damaged on receipt. Screws securing the belt housing to the body can cause the belt housing to crack and break around the holes for the screws.

Why should you buy it?

Buffalo Tools DP5UL Drill Press has several things in its favour, price being the main one. Secondly it is not overly heavy and doesn’t take up loads of space in your workshop. It is also light to use and just perfect for small drilling jobs and the added bonus of it being easily transportable is a definite plus.


Buffalo Tools DP5UL Drill Press is a good unit for the price and because it’s so light, it’s is easy to move or transport. Though the unit will not suit heavy duty, industrial type applications, if you have loads of small household jobs it will suit perfectly.