Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

What is Breville ESP8XL?

Breville ESP8XLHas going to Starbucks gotten too expensive for you? Do you love espresso and want to make it at home, but worry that you may purchase the wrong type of appliance? Then the Breville ESP8XL Café Roma Espresso may be the perfect item for you.

First off, the Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker has the look and design of sophistication and class. This machine can make a espresso and other drinks in mere seconds without any problems. It also creates crema, which is the liquid that goes on top of the espresso. Other hot beverages can be made with this machines as well.

Heres What Itll Do For You

If you are a coffee or espresso drinker, this machine can save you a lot of money. Going to coffee shops can be expensive. And making your drink at home can be time consuming and not have the taste that you are accustom to. Well, this is where the Breville ESP8XL comes into play. This little machine make an espresso that rivals most coffee shop drinks.

Many people who have purchased the Breville ESP8XL no longer go to the coffee shops anymore. There no longer is a need when they can make their own espresso at home and at a hugely discounted price too! There will no longer be a long wait either – the espresso is done after a few seconds.

Breville ESP8XL Pros

It is very simple to use. To operate, just turn it on, wait for the light to go off and then turn a dial to which option you want. After that, your espresso should be completely done after a couple of seconds.

Makes high-quality crema every time. The crema is an essential part of an espresso, so this is an important feature. The 15-bar pump that is standard on the machine, produces the crema. There is an option for single, double, or espresso pods and you can make several different drinks at the same time.

This espresso machine make higher quality espresso than a non-pump espresso maker can make. The taste and texture that this machine makes is what people expect from a espresso.

The steaming can be loud, but not overly load to the point of obnoxious. The features work, so it may be something that users will need to get used to. Some have complained that the noise is too loud of them, while other have said that the noise is typical of an espresso machine. It seems like this really depends on the user.

It is recommended that users use a coffee grinder for their beans and use high quality beans to make the espresso. Both of these tips will help create a more richer and smooth espresso. By using a coffee grinder, this will lessen the chance of clogging. One of the top complaints was that this machine clogs frequently. If you use a grinder, then this compliant become obsolete, as your machine will not be affected. Also, some have reported using filters for their machine. This may lessen the clogs that a user may get as well. Different types of material have been used, so you may need to experiment to see what works best for you.

It has a 1.3-quart water tank that will be used to make the espresso. There is a window that you can peer into so that you can check the water level. The tank is larger that what normally comes with an espresso machines. The larger tank allows users to pull more shots from the Breville ESP8XL before check the water levels. This will come in handy if you are entertaining other – you can focus on the task at hand and not have to worry about the water.

The machine can also makes lattés and cappuccinos. Regular coffee can be made as well. The manual that comes with the machine will show you how and what you can make with this machine. Just follow the instructions and you will be making all kinds of hot beverages in no time.

It comes with a warming plate, an espresso cup set and a frothing jug. You will not need to buy any extra features or supplies for this machine.

Honest Customer Reviews

“I love this espresso machine. I bought it in 2006 and it is still working great. Last winter I took it on a road trip (paying my friends in lattes to stay on their couch) and left it in the car overnight in aspen. The poor thing was frozen solid. I took it in, thawed it, and it still worked great!” From

“Ive had this machine and used it daily for over 3 years now and have not been disappointed with the investment that I have made. Paired with a great grinder, youll have a recipe for some of the best espresso drinks you can make from home without spending a fortune” From

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

Breville ESP8XL 3The average price is $379. Most feel that that price is justified due to the savings that the machine will bring you. So, are you ready to give up that coffee shop and trade it in for your very own espresso machine? The Breville ESP8XL is an excellent machine that will make restaurant-quality espresso drinks and other hot beverages.

With the design of the machine so classy, you will not mind placing it on the countertop of others to admire. With an array of hot drinks that you can make with this machine, all of your coffee-drinking friends will want to stop by to get a drink made by you. Purchasing good coffee beans will be essential to making high quality espressos. So, purchase a Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker and you will not regret it.